Thursday, December 27, 2012

Windows 8 Performance in OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

I blogged on how I ended up with an SSD in my Acer 1810TZ. I then worked out a guide to migrate or clone the contents from the internal hard drive to the newly bought OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD. Following that I replaced the internal HDD with the SSD. Perhaps the final question now is how much performance or ROI (return of investment) I get from this upgrade.

I first took the video to show the boot up and shut down time of HDD. I removed the HDD, replaced it with SSD and re-took the video. And to minimize lag time due to me, I created a local test user with no password for this purpose. Since both HDD and SSD are now identical, the comparison should be apple-to-apple. 

Hit the link to read more.

How To Replace Acer 1810TZ HDD With SSD

This post is about "physical works" replacing the physical internal HDD of Acer 1810TZ with the SSD. Refer here if you're searching guide to migrate/clone the HDD to SSD.

Before you start the work, there is one BIOS setting you might want to pay attention...

I remember the default SATA mode setting was ATA / IDE when I bought this lappy. I think I had to fresh-install Windows 7 after I changed to AHCI. If this is true, I would think you probably want to clone the HDD, change to AHCI and re-install Windows. The SSD works with ATA mode but AHCI enables the native TRIM support in Windows and improve performance (according to some technical write ups).

Nevertheless, I assume the SSD is ready for a swap (if not refer here). Let's get started!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Migrate From HDD to SSD For Acer 1810TZ

I didn't plan to upgrade the HDD of Acer 1810TZ to SSD. However, the deal I got from Newegg Malaysia was too good to turn down. Why OCZ Vertex 4? I did not study and compare the different SSD models, one of my friends did the study and concluded that Vertex 4 with Indilinx chip is the best performer as system disk (to run operating system) among other SSDs. So I can't provide the technicalities about SSD, instead jump straight blogging on installing it onto my lappy Acer 1810TZ. Although it's specific to 1810TZ, this guide is applicable to other lappy as well.

You can definitely go ahead replace the HDD with SSD if you do not bother keeping the hidden recovery partition and want to do a fresh install. If otherwise like me, this post guides you through on migrating the entire HDD contents to the SSD without doing fresh install. Hit the link to read more.

MotoActv: RIP

You probably could feel my excitement over my new toy, MotoActv for the past few months. No more. I am here to announce its passing.

It's was one of the good days that I went out riding. Halfway it rained and I headed back to my house which was just about 3km away. MotoActv was exposed to the rain for that distance.

At night, it was my habit to juice up all my daily gadgets including MotoActv...

The next day morning, I was greeted with this screen when trying to power it up...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SeaSucker Mini Bomber

There are basically 2 options to carry bikes with your car: the roof rack like Thule or Yakima rack systems or the rear mount bike carriers like the BnB I shared months ago...

I prefer the rear mount than the roof rack simply because of aesthetics. I don't want to feel like driving a truck all times with a rack sits on top of me (no offense to those rack owners). I also learned that the rack impacts fuel consumption. That means a lot to me as I have to commute 100km daily. One last reason was I might be changing my car soon or later and I don't want to re-invest another expensive rack system.

My BnB is serving me well. But I have a plan in brewing which BnB bike carrier may not fit into (I will share when the time comes) and therefore here come my new bike gadget, just in time as my X'mas present...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Cheap Flash Light From Fun N Cheer

Flashlight is a critical tool when going night ride, be it on road or offroad. I bought a flashlight from the LBS along with my bike as I didn't have time to shop online and look around other stores...

The flashlight is built with good quality but does not last long (likely due to the poor quality 18650 battery). I planned to get a replacement since then. I was recommended Fenix flashlight by a friend who collects flashlights as hobby, and the other recommended Magic Shine, as well as many affordable varieties at  or in short. In one of an easy days, I stumbled upon Fun N Cheer 中国风 when I brought my niece there for some cheap toy shopping. I found a China made flashlight... 

Newegg Malaysia

Yes, no typo nor mistake in the post title. Newegg is now in Malaysia!

This probably not a breaking news to local gadget geeks, but it might worth a read if you're still skeptical over its authenticity. 

Initially I was skeptical when I heard about it from my friend. Some "CSI searches" on the company such as WHOIS, ROS etc seems to prove the company is legitimate. At that point of time, I got "page cannot be found" error when pointed the browser to the official website This definitely looked suspicious. I then sent an enquiry to Newegg HQ and here's the reply...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Windows 8 Media Center

Many may confuse with its name. Windows Media Center is NOT Windows Media Player WMP. In short, typical end users only use WMP to playback supported multimedia files whereas Windows Media Center is used by advanced users for Home Theater Personal Computer HTPC.

In Windows 7 Home Premium and above, you get Windows Media Center out-of-box. Unfortunately, this feature is removed in Windows 8 and it is sold separately for USD$69.99. I would have asked you to think twice if you plan to upgrade your Win7 HTPC to Win8 (or if you use Windows Media Center extensively), but now I am asking you to think no more! You can get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free now! Read more after the break.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Old Memories, New Collection

Lego, a brand that is so well known to everyone. The brick toy brand is gaining its popularity in Malaysia with its first international theme park in Asia, Legoland that just begun its operations not long ago. 

Shell, a brand that is also well known to everyone. I believe it's the second largest petrol retailer in Malaysia after the National Petrol Company, Petronas.

Ferrari, do I need to intro this brand?

Now, when these three companies come jointly, this is what we get...

Ferrari Lego toys by Shell!

Shell Malaysia is now having a promotion campaign that you can buy these toys from RM10.90 in this small packet...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Simulate Windows 8 Touch Experience on Acer 1810TZ

Many criticize that installing Windows 8 on a non-touch screen workstation is a disastrous decision. It causes horrible user experience as the main screen is Metro interface than the conventional desktop we used to have prior to Windows 8. After I successfully installed Windows 8 onto my Acer 1810TZ, I agree on this to certain extent. The bundled touchpad driver only provides the basic mouse functionality. Adding salt to the wound, it's such a pain to navigate from one edge of the screen to the to other on 1810TZ's small narrow touchpad! Really, I would urge you not to follow my silly decision to upgrade.

Well, the above is true if there's no workaround. And fortunately Synaptics came into rescue. Hit read more to reveal the details.

How To Relocate Windows 8's Users Folder to Another Partition

Whenever I perform upgrade on Windows, I always think about separating the data from system drive/partition. When I say data, I refers to the Users folder where you have your "My Documents", "My Videos" and whatever "My xxx" saved under it. Typically, it's under C:\Users\<your user id>. This is also the folder you should backup before the upgrade. It is kinda easy with registry hack in Windows 7 and prior versions. It's different in Windows 8. Fortunately there is always kind soul that discovered and wrote up the how-to steps for the benefits of Windows 8 community.

The best way to do this is during the installation/upgrade. For my case, I have C drive as system drive and D drive as data drive. Windows 8 installs Users folder to C:\Users and I want to relocate it to D:\Users. I also have to rename the existing D:\Users (from Windows 7) to something else before the new one is created. The method to do the relocation is called Audit Mode, using an answer file in System Preparation (or SysPrep). In summary:
  1. Install Windows 8 half way (until Personalize screen)
  2. Boot into Audit Mode
  3. Prepare your system i.e D drive and answer file
  4. Relocate the Users folder using SysPrep tool
  5. Exit Audit Mode and continue to Personalize screen

OK, shall we get started now?

Windows 8 Boot Up and Shut Down Time

Boot up and shut down times are always the first layman benchmark for a new operating system. The new operating system always scores fairly well for a new PC but not on old PC if users chose the upgrade path.

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on my Acer 1810TZ. This lappy came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, I upgraded it to Windows 7 Pro as I needed the XP Mode and Offline Files Sync features. Now I am on Windows 8 Pro. Many reviews praise the fast boot up and shut down of Windows 8, let's check out after the break how it performs in 1810TZ.

Windows 8 Upgrade (Advanced User)

This is the follow up post of Windows 8 Upgrade.

I always prefer to have fresh install a.k.a clean install so that I don't bring rubbish over to the new OS. If you prefer this option, you can use the thumb drive installer (that you created from upgrade assistant) to upgrade. Make sure you have all your program installers for re-installation later and make sure your BIOS is set to boot from USB drive...

You will be greeted to select language. Oddly that the downloaded boot image only allows me to select English (United Kingdom) as my language. This is possibly due to the system locale setting in Windows 7. Anyway, it can be changed later.

Windows 8 Upgrade

Windows 8 has been out for a month. I was reading reviews in order to make my decision whether to hold on to my favourite Windows 7 or jump into Metro interface. The reviews did not help at all as it was a 50-50 split between two extremes - hate it or love it! LoL. I was wondering which side will I be? I moved on to compare its features against Win7 Pro 64 bit on my Acer 1810TZ (yes, this Acer is still serving me well!). One of my requirements is the new Windows must support offline files sync, and I decided to dive into it with the promotional upgrade price USD$40 for Windows 8 Pro Edition.

The upgrade process is quite intuitive. First, head to this link and click "Download Pro...". That will download an upgrade assistant to check compatibility. Before you run the upgrade assistant, make sure you have:
  • checked the system requirements.
  • Windows 8 product key - copy it to a paper, you might need to enter it during the upgrade process.
  • internet connection - you need to download 2GB files.
  • thumb drive with minimum 2GB space - to create a backup installer. Data inside will be formatted during the disk creation process.
  • minimum 20GB of free space on system drive (drive C)
  • backup, backup, backup - backup your files off the PC. Or use Windows' system repair utility to create an image in case you need to revert.

Run the installer after download and it will begin the upgrade process...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MotoActv: How To Get Better Map

The maps bundled with the MotoActv might not be detailed enough. If you live in a new area, you probably get a blank display with no topology and roads. Plus, the watch did not bundle with Malaysia and Singapore maps as I bought it from the States, so I have to download the maps from

But Motorola do not provide frequent update especially maps outside of US.

Fortunately, there is a workaround and it's very simple, provided you have an Android device. Read the steps after the break.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Lantern Festival!

The world never stops evolving. Be it in the cyberspace, from iPhone to iPhone 5 and from ugly Android to buttery smooth Android 4.1 Jelly Bean; and even the same applies to the way we celebrate traditional festivals.

This was the candle-lit lantern I used to have when celebrate Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival...

There came the battery-lit lantern which is safer for the kids...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800 ICS Upgrade

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been officially released (for other countries) for quite some times. Finally it reached the Malaysian shore...

You will get that prompt when you go to Settings - About Device - Software Update. Make sure you're connected to WiFi, the download is 470MB. Click download to begin the upgrade process...

Follow the on screen instruction to complete the upgrade process. The device will reboot to complete the upgrade. While rebooting, you will see the Android follow by follow by this screen...

MotoActv: Improved Fitness!

MotoActv comes with a Fit Test feature that allows the user to examine the fitness from time to time. Either you can schedule the test or you can start one whenever you want...

Per the guide, run or ride at your maximum sustainable power for 8 minutes without stopping and slowing and at the end you will be examined with a fit score.

It's time for me to brag now...

Fit score of 51 and I brag about it?! Hang on, this was the score 2 months ago and now the new score...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Camelbak, Tube, Tools, BNB Bike Carrier etc

If you were a boyscout, cadet or similar discipline personnel, you probably be taught of some survival skills when stranded in sparse population area. Likewise, mountain biking is (offroad) not as simple as road biking (on road), one needs to be equipped with some basic tools in order to have a pleasant ride experience in the natural. 

What is the most important stuff for survival? No doubt it's water...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Balance + Vibram Minimus Trail Running Shoe

I am really into barefoot concept these days. I guess it was the positive effect after I bought my first Vibram barefoot shoe in Hong Kong. I really feel light, natural and less strain on the foots and toes especially after long walk. Perhaps barefoot is really a healthy way to walk/run/exercise, or my previous sport shoes suck big time. 

I am into mountain biking as well. I regretted I did not buy another pair of Vibram that is meant for watersport. I am not ready for clipless pedals yet, so I need a pair of good sport shoes with following requirements for my offroad experience:

Offroad C4C Extended

This is the extended post of my previous post on C4C Loop around Bukit Ramlee. Apparently this offroad trail is so flexible that it caters a wide range of riders, from the beginners to the advanced bikers. Depending on one's stamina and determination, one can opt to complete a smaller loop or go for a full loop if capable.

Check out the map after the break...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

HK Trip: The Loots

This probably a dated and the last post of my HK trip 2 months ago. I talked about food and found out I forgot to mention the food I missed, such as this...

Gong Cha 貢茶.

In Macau...


We had a huge lunch that I couldn't stuff in more, in particular the pork burger! The outlet we went was closed and we were rushing time. Sigh.

Since I missed out some food, I must loot something in return from shopping to cheer myself up...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Offroad C4C Full Loop

After the KLMBH #214 Setia Alam bash, my friend kept on assuring me that was not a good offroad experience for beginner like me. He was worried that I would chicken away from mountain biking. LoL. A night before, he whatsapp me asking me if I would join him and the PCT gang for a true offroad experience for beginner. I was hesitate as I wasn't equipped with hydra pack and bike carrier. After some exchanges with him, I told myself just do it!

On the morning, everyone gathered at Good Place Restaurant around 7am for breakfast...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

KLMBH @ Setia Alam

It's all started in Facebook when one of my friends posted the info about this bash organized by KLMBH. My friend and his PCT gang, as well as 2 of my friend and colleague from KL decided to join since it's at "my territory" (hehe...) and I was curious to find out what route / trail would the organizer plan. However, on the very morning at 7am, the PCT gang decided to go for other option as 9:30am was too late to begin a ride. So it turned out 3 of us went to join the big crowd...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Samsung Soft Brick Root Cause

I talked about the soft brick problem I was (and am) suffering on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. And I want to reiterate that this is not an isolated problem to SGT7.7 (or GT-P6800 model), it happens to many other Galaxy models like I mentioned in my previous post. It seems that the root cause has been identified to be hardware problem, in particular the eMMC is the culprit to the problem. Apparently, your Samsung device might hit into soft brick or hard brick forever when the operating system or application erases the eMMC with a specific WRITE command. 

Because of the widespread, a smart developer in XDA Developer Forum developed an apps to check if your Sammy device houses any of this buggy eMMC chip...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bukit Bandaraya Reservoir Attack

There has been many group of friends inviting me to join their off road expedition even before I decided my MTB. I really appreciate that and can't wait to explore the natural with them, at the same time I have less confidence to jump into their hardcore bandwagon before I re-train my stamina and skills.

With another few beginners like me, we have our regular "training sessions" by riding ourselves around some hilly roads in Setia Alam...

Google MyTracks Android Apps

While my MotoActv is struggling in the operations theater, I turned to my phone to see if there is any apps in the Play Store that allows me to track my bike sessions. Atrix is not a phone equipped with ANT+ feature, and both the HRM and Speed + Cadence are not Bluetooth sensors, therefore I can't pair them with the phone. As such I settled with only route tracking feature when searching for the desired apps.

There is quite a number of apps available, Endomondo, Sport Tracker, Run Keeper etc that can be the temporary alternative while waiting my MotoActv to return to action. Since I don't bother to sign up another training portal, I chose Google's MyTracks for route tracking. In addition, I was also looking for a reliable and accurate GPS software to contribute to MFM.

Head to Play Store to install MyTracks, or you can have an overview here and watch the intro video for a better understanding. Some snapshots of the apps...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally A Complete Giant XTC

I shared my MTB in one of the posts...

It is not complete yet. And yesterday the last piece arrived and installed onto the bike...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

MotoActv: I Smashed The Gorilla!

There are quite a few accessories by Motorola for MotoActv...

I have everything except the SF600 bluetooth stereo headset, which I find it comparable to my Motorola S9-HD, so not worth to spend extra bucks.

One of the reasons I bought the armband was because I don't like the "stickiness" under the watch strap when I wear MotoActv on my wrist during workout. I also shared the same concern like one of the readers here. The other reason was there were few rare occasions that either my partner's or my racket hit the watch during the game. Fortunately nothing happened in the past and I thought wearing it on the arm could reduce the likelihood. One could do whatever to prevent accidents, but accidents did happen inevitably...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MotoActv: Motorola Bike Speed + Cadence Sensor

There's one bike accessories I did not mention in my previous bike post was the speedometer. Nowadays the meter is no longer a simple speed measurement device but includes other measurements like cadence and whatnot. I learned a new word, cyclocomputer after browsing through some related catalogs. I did not buy any cyclocomputer as MotoActv is more than capable of providing the similar features (and metrics). 

I need 2 additional accessories in order to transform the MotoActv into a complete cyclocomputer. The first is the bike mount...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Giant XTC Custom Made MTB

OK, no more running for me. I move on to another old-time hobby - cycling, or I learn that nowadays many like to call it biking. Here I intro my very first bike after more than a decade I quit biking...

The Giant XTC Mountain Bike MTB. It was in the "assembly plant" of a local bike shop LBS as I did not order a factory complete bike. I worked out a different configurations with the boss and have him tailor made a complete bike within my budget with a weight of less than 11.5kg...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

MotoActv: Training Portal

Now back to indoor after a workout with MotoActv. The workout data should have been synced automatically, otherwise execute a manual sync.

Logon to and you will be directed to the dashboard...

MotoActv: Running

After setting up MotoActv and profile, it's time to expose it outdoor and get myself into action. I highly recommend to get a heart rate monitor HRM to make full use of MotoActv. Any ANT+ HRM is compatible, I got myself a Motorola HRM which is on a little premium compare to other brands like Garmin...

Pairing it with MotoActv is as simple as ABC...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

HK Trip - Food Talk

After settling and freshened up ourselves at the hotel, we begun our trip. 

Your trip to HK would not be complete without trying the dimsum at least once...

Our very first meal of course would be dimsum at a nearby restaurant...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hotel Panorama by Rhombus, TST Hong Kong

Hotel - a very crucial element in any trip (at least to me). It could determine whether a trip is an enjoyable or a disappointing one. 

I stayed in Hotel Panorama by Rhombus in my recent trip to Hong Kong. It's located at a strategic location in Tsim Sha Tsui, just within walking distance to shopping malls like iSquare, K-11, Harbor City and whatnot, as well as within few ten steps to the entrance of MTR. It's also surrounded by  numbers of Char Chan Teng that you can conveniently walk in to grab some quick meal.

Let's check out the room...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I ♥ Hong Kong 2012

JK will be out of office. No, should be JK will be out of blog. Who cares about office, let that Soh Hai suffers with all undone tasks (the price to pay when one screwed someone who did not make any mistake).

Out where? It's time for a trip, what's more is a family trip!! Planning a trip with many family members is always a challenge. Luckily my family ain't a big hierarchy tree. The most difficult part is to align everyone's schedule, not only adults but also the kids! Whether this kid has holiday boot camp, or that kid has holiday special class etc etc. In fact, this trip has been discussed for quite some time, and glad that we're able to make it, finally.

Like the post title suggests, the destination is Hong Kong...

Synology DSM 4.0 Upgrade

Everyone likes software or firmware upgrades. From iOS4 to iOS5, from Android GB to ICS etc. Same goes to Synology NAS. I am like everyone but after years learning from bad experience, nowadays I don't jump into the bandwagon to upgrade when a firmware is freshly released. I am more concerned over my data than getting new features.

Synology recently released DSM 4.0. 3 releases/patches have been announced under DSM version 4.0. After much study from others' experiences, I reckon it's safe for me to upgrade. This post is the summary of my study, I thought it's worthy to share if you are deciding to upgrade or not. Hit the read more link for more.

KFC, So Good? No Confuse.

I blogged about free meal from KFC at Tesco Setia Alam in my previous post. I wasn't interested in grabbing the free meal at all, after all it's just a kid meal and I gotta wake up early if I want to take it. Well, perhaps I am really cheapskate, I woke up 8am today! LoL! For the meal? Nay, it's actually for other personal matters. :)

Since I am awake, I detoured to Tesco Setia Alam around 9am while going out to run some errants. I like to find out whether it's a Chicky meal or cheaty meal. Upon reaching, I was welcomed by KFC like this...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

KFC, So Good? So Confuse?

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the international well known fast food restaurant. It became a hot topic in BullehLand recently because of this YouTube...

I didn't really ban it like others suggested in the social networks 'cause I don't frequent the fast food restaurant, not even once a year (I prefer the fried chicken by Yo Yo Ice). With so many KFC surrounding me, there is one at the shop area, there is one in Tesco Setia Alam and now there is one in 2-day old SCM. How to attract customers with so close range competition?

Everyone loves free stuff, so the best attraction will be...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MotoActv: MotoCast

If you follow my post on the initial setup of MotoActv sport watch, this is the follow up post on setting up MotoCast software that enables sync of training data, music and WiFi setting. MotoCast is also required for profile setup. Read it, the ".com" prefix indicates that it's to setup an online user/trainee profile at, not the MotoActv personal profile I covered in the previous post. The last thing that I reckon is the most important use of MotoCast - the firmware upgrade, which I will cover a little more details in this post.

If it sounds like a long and complex process, worry not. Motorola did a good job making sure the entire installation process is seamless and plug and play. Just plug MotoActv onto the PC (make sure it's connected to internet) using the supplied micro USB cable...

MotoActv: Initial Setup

Before you're able to use the watch right after the unbox, some initial setup is required to personalize the watch so that it can accurately track you activities. The out-of-box juice might not be sufficient for you to complete the setup (as mentioned in the 1st post), you probably want to charge it while completing the setup.

First is to choose the country and language...

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

First of all, credits to suwandiapr who created this rooting process in XDA. This post is a repeat of that thread in XDA forum, I am rewriting the steps in a more descriptive manner and supplement the step with photo making it more layman friendly. Hopefully it helps readers who are not IT-literate to be more confident rooting their Tab. Why root your Tab? Perhaps you're still lucky that you have not encountered the softbrick problem, head to my previous post for details. For the very least reason, you need rooted device to run Titanium Backup (TB).

I also like to share that this is not the definite way to root the Tab. There is one or two other method but I find this is the easiest and portable way of rooting. I don't need a PC, any other software like Android SDK or ODIN or Samsung Kies. Imagine you're on the move and the softbrick problem strikes, you can still restore the Tab by 4 simple steps:
  1. Factory reset
  2. Root it (with this simple step)
  3. Install SuperUser and TB (either side load or from Play store)
  4. Restore to previous state using TB
Voila! The Tab is back to normal (provided the backup is up to date).

Let's start. The root process is not complex at all, it's a 3 simple steps process:
  1. Download the root package.
  2. Install the root package (the rooting process).
  3. Install SuperUser.
1st step, make sure the Tab has sufficient power for entire rooting process. Then head to suwandiapr's thread to download or direct link here. Save the zip file to the root of the micro SD card in the Tab, or /sdcard/extStorages/SdCard folder...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

SGT7.7 Softbricked!

I never shy to reiterate my loss of confidence on Korean products. After N years of banning Korean products, I finally have no choice but to own my very first Korean product which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800. This Korean made tablet has come under my possession for a mere month plus and the low-quality syndrome has shown up...

What's wrong with above? It is just the ordinary boot screen, right? I even praised its deep black level of the Super AMOLED Plus display. That's correct, well, but what if the device suddenly reboots by itself to this screen while you're using it? What if the device stuck at this boot screen forever and soon you realize the device starting to heat up in your palm? And what if you can never turn it off and reboot?

That's the softbrick symptom of this very top end product by Samsung. 

Welcome, if you land on this post because you're experiencing the same and panickingly looking for solution. I am just like you and other Sammy product owners, but I guess I am a little fortunate that I have a solution to it. Check it out after the break.

Spy Shot: What Car Is This?

In one fine morning of few days ago, few minutes to seven, I was on the NKVE highway heading to Duta Toll for work. I was cruising along the slow (left most) lane. A black car was zig-zagging between the fast and 2nd lane caught my attention. The driver attempted few times to overtake cars in front but failed. I was sneering at the driver, he did not "learn" the Malaysia traffic culture where the "supposed" fast lane (right most) is the slowest lane with many idiotic road hoggers driving at their own sweet speed especially in this early hour. But soon after I realized the car wasn't any ordinary car. It's got many black tapes on the body, seemingly trying to cover it's body design. This discovery charged up my adrenalin, I quickly changed to the fast lane tailgating this black car. I managed to snap the rear of it...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

MotoActv: Unboxed

There is no problem in buying gadgets after gadgets, as long as your financial affordability allows the spending. However, with more gadgets at home, you might incline to stay at home most of (if not all) the times. With all the gadgets I possessed, especially with the in-house cinema,  I am tricked into the exact situation. I warned myself, this is not healthy and I must work something to escape from this!

Geek is still a geek, I can't run away from being a geek when looking for an escape solution. :") As a result, it's still a "gadgety" method which might help me stay out of gadgets/home and stay healthily...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jacko.MY New Design

Google or Blogger just rolled out new blogger or blogspot platform. It's in beta for past months and I tried it once, I liked it because of enhancements over some frequently used features. For instance, the "Link" feature now includes "open in new window" option as oppose to I had to modify the html code for each link I inserted into the posts. Unfortunately, it was still beta, not all features (that I used) available at that point of time. Plus, I had too many customization. As a result, I had to revert to Classic dashboard and template.

I then took some time during my leave to remove unnecessary customization, refresh my knowledge over some custom scripts I use. After some tests, finally, Jacko.MY is on the new Blogger platform with new design template and dashboard...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rock Light & Cool Case for SGT7.7 P6800

Very often you don't just buy only the gadget, you have to spare some money for its accessories as well. For a phone or tablet, very common that screen protector and protective case are the next immediate accessories you buy, perhaps storage card as well.

So am I for my first tablet, the Tab7.7. I have my micro SD card ready before my purchase and I bought the so called "Samsung Genuine OEM" screen protector along with the tablet from Samsung Mid Valley, the brand is AUC laying on the left side...

I was charged RM98 for that thin piece of sheet. I was skeptical due to its price but was happy with the result, the sheet does not compromise or degrade the AMOLED display.

What about the case? I am a minimalist. If possible, I just want the Tab to be bare bone, light and easy but it's too prone to fall and break especially my nieces will also be using it for YouTube and games. And I want them to watch YouTube distantly, not holding close to the eyes, therefore I need a case that can stand by its own, perhaps something like the Apple's Smart Case. I finally found one after much time spent on the net to look for a perfect one...

Friday, April 13, 2012

My First Tablet, Sammy SGT7.7

人在江湖, 身不由己.

That translates to "one has to compromise in this world". Put this into gadget perspective, one might have no choice but to buy a gadget that one dosn't like (the brand) but it matches the requirements.

My friends know I don't buy Korean products. From TV, phone and to any gadgets. But undeniably that Samsung is just like the old time Sony, owning one might make one feels proud, or to the very least one might feel owning one is inevitable and that's exactly how I feel now - I can't run away. Consequently, I finally possess a tablet, and finally I end up with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My "Data Center"

While you're adding more gadgets to your home setup, such as Unifi, NAS and home network setup, you probably are getting yourself headache on where to place and arrange the equipment neatly, so that they are safe from any unwanted harassment (i.e. kids) and won't be dust collector.

With monkeys (my nieces and nephew) jumping around with itchy hands to discover things in every corner of the house, it's extremely unsafe to expose my "investment" bare in open air like this...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cisco SG300-28P Part 2

After the unboxing in part 1, here comes the part 2 of getting it connected. Before proceed further, get ready with a laptop (or two for testing purpose) with network port (preferably gigabit) and a pair of good network cables would be helpful in later part. If you follow this part you will be able to get this L3 switch up and running like any other L2 switches. I will not cover advanced configuration in this post, that should come in future posts.

Network devices usually comes together with a quick user guide briefing how the first connection can be made...

I usually don't rush to connect new device into the home network until I have configured necessary basic setting ensuring its "adaptability" to the existing network. For instance, the SG300 comes with IP and is set to accept DHCP upon its first connection. If you plug it into your home network and typically you have DHCP server (usually your router) in the network, the IP of SG300 will be updated by the DHCP server. As a result, you might have difficulty identifying its new IP if you are novice in networking. So? I recommend to get started with it standalone till it's configured with basic setting.

You will also need to know the default administrator ID and password...