Thursday, December 25, 2014

Netgear PTV3000 with AppRadio

The key success factor for AppRadio to work is the ability of the connected phone to output or cast the screen via HDMI, and a compatible adapter (either Slimport connector or the MHL adapter) is crucial to make this happen. This actually becomes the show stopper for many as not many phones can work with an aftermarket adapter. For instance, the One+ One and the Nexus 6.

With a series of posts on AppRadio I shared, some of my friends really got poisoned to do the same on their lovely car. Too bad, none of them are using Nexus phones, so I ought to further inject the poison making sure I have a solution for them! Glad that I do have something to offer!! *evil grin*

As wired solution is almost impossible for some phones, the alternative is to go on wireless. There are few matured wireless display technologies such as Miracast, WiDi and so on. The safest is to pick a technology that is natively supported on any Android phone, which is the Miracast. 

A deep dive into Amazon and I found this...

Read on to see the "alternate solution".

Update A Rooted Nexus 5 with Lollipop 5.0 to 5.0.1

Google released update 5.0.1 just few weeks after the major upgrade to Lollipop 5.0. A minor update that I thought I could just let the OTA to run and complete the upgrade. Unfortunately, something happened...

If you encountered the same, read on for remedy.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

CX-5 AppRadio 3 Ep 5

It's been a busy gadgetry month for me. Few goods and bads. 

1 x Good - I have been enjoying the AppRadio in my everyday commute. :)

2 x Good - It came earlier than expected. Google just pushed the OTA Lollipop upgrade to my Nexus 5. :)

Oh wait! The good turned bad...

1 x Bad - The AppRadio Unchained ARU app stopped working after the upgrade!! This is really really a nightmare!

Let's see if I have any workaround after the break.

CX-5 AppRadio 3 Ep 4

Follow up from the earlier post that few pending items to complete the installation of AppRadio:

  • To reactivate the stock backup/reverse/rear camera.
  • To reuse the OE/stock USB port in the center console.
  • To activate Bose's center dash speaker when playing music from phone i.e. Spotify.
I bought the step down transformer and USB cable off eBay/Amazon to achieve the first 2 items...

I will go through one by one, and share as well things that I discovered over the use of more than a month.