Monday, October 23, 2006

经典! 齊天大勝 憲在不准笑 Part 2

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八月中秋山林凉 风吹大地草枝摆
甘霖老母赶羚羊 来年羊毛超级卖
草枝摆啊赶羚羊 赶羚羊啊草枝摆
庭院织芭为君开 都兰山晓金桔摆
山摇地动舟渡岚 老积埋啊老积埋

经典! 齊天大勝 憲在不准笑 Part 1

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赶羚羊 草枝摆
羚羊最爱众人赶 众人赶羊赶羚羊
比羚羊 赛羚羊
骑得更胜赛马趣 老枝摆 嫩枝摆

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pink-Black Flower Pairs

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We have black n white for chess; we have black n white roses 黑白玫瑰 movies... now we have pink-black flower pairs in real life...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Genting Everywhere in M'sia....

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See this pic... it's taken today on my way back to home at the intersection of Mehameru-Jln Duta. It isn't at nite, just about 6:30pm+, the evening is just look already 8pm+ due to haze... the blury front view partially attributed by my shakey hands while steering my laopok car, but it was majorly due to haze... even with eye sight, u can see double shadow around the brake light... 1 strange thing is other areas of KL were all ok i.e. imbi, klcc etc, not clear but not that hazy and need not switch on light, but when i drove into jln duta, i was like suddenly driving uphill to genting, or may be london! stucked there for 20min for a short distance, as short as 1km, just bcos the sight is limited to ~4 5km... then when i passed the jln semantan, suddenly the surrounding turned brighter and haze level "disappearred" just as par as kl area...

hmmm... wat an x file?? may b tat area is a valley, or may b it's "something" else (phew, just passed lunar july)...

Monday, October 9, 2006

Life is like...

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Few months ago, the bkk expat came bck to town n we talked about what is life - life is like a colorful corridor? then the MC Queen (till 9 Oct) so bored at home and surfed some fortune teller website to tell what's life. and now even at US i got this note after a dinner @ PF Chang, Woodlands, TX~

Although i just made a BIG decision recently, but do i really need to start blogging bout "life is like a toilet"??!! n my new job sounds to me that i m gonna "philo" my customers wit such "theories" too, oh gosh!! tell me what is life then...

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Mission Impossible 2

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Phew~~ i m safe, finally, after 911 and few flight incidents in the States. Reached TPE, Tapei In'tl Airport from LAX.

Of course it's not the time to relek… battle is still on... I am still battling a half-accomplished mission.

i look outside...

i looked inside...

eh!! is it there??

found it!!!!!

Rushed into the shop, the shopkeeper looked at me one kind – what is this siaokia doing here? Of course mah, I don't look like a guy who would shop in such feminine shop one, selling all kinds of lady's bags. What to do??? For the sake of buying “insurance” for my mid-term investment, hopefully it's worthy for my ROI in errrr…. 9 yrs time.

I then popped up in front of the female shopkeeper, showed her the picture from my PDA. Immediately she went to a locked stock drawer, came back with the wristlets, not only 1 but 3 in different colors. Bingo! That's what I was looking for!!! to further confirm, i asked her to give me a ruler 7" the width n 4" the height. PERFECT! all ngam, just like wat described in the picture! looked at the price tag - NT 2040. err... how much har?? then she converted to USD – USD 68!! Oh gosh, looked like my mission was going to be a misery. Commander (the in law) told me the ceiling price I could go was USD 48! USD 20 extra = RM 75. Well well well, definitely failing the mission is not what I wanted after overworked myself in shopping from US, to IAX Airport, then LAX Airport and flying across the Pacific Ocean to TPE… I then called to the commander, she answered with blur blur sound… hehehe early 6+am KL (hope she is not halfway "making" another "long-term" for me). I told her the price, and I was relieved with her next instruction – cancel the mission!!! Whahaha… that means, I did NOT fail my mission, but was “instructed” to abandon the mission!


Just ngam ngam the time to depart. I mah happily go check in.

"Mr Jacko, we upgraded your seat to First Class at seat 3K." Wahahaha... I got rewarded right away on my accomplishment!!!