Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CSI: Bandar DiRaja

Again, this isn't a review of any movies, dramas or the CSI series. Instead, I have to drop my foresic hero role, to setup my very own CSI in my housing area due to... err... hopefully you could extract the message from the blog after finish reading it.

My house was broken in last year December.

No no no! Let me retract and correct my "declaration":
My house was almost broken in last year December. Meaning that, my house was NOT broken in. I do not want to get into trouble due to the conflicting statements with the police report that I made last year. In the report, my house was NOT broken in since I did not lose anything at all, though the gate was opened by unknown creature, car porch (house compound) was trespassed, 3 locks were damaged, I had face-to-face bump up with one of the short creatures, the short creature ran to an UFO called Kelisa and fled off with another pilot creature, and finally the inner gate was also opened wide by the short creature as if I was doing house warming as early as 6am to welcome my guests. Since nothing lost or tiada kehilangan barang, my house was NOT broken in. Since it's NOT a break in, so I should report to authority as an FYI item, not an FYA item. Hence nothing needed to be done. Period. Full stop.

Don't lock me up since I already retracted and corrected my statement, or does it call Satutory Declaration? Sorry, I am noob in law, hoping someone knowleageble enlightens me.

Last week, after more than 6 months time, again, my house was NOT broken in. But this time, with conditions...

> My gate was not opened;
> Sound like my house compound (car porch) was trespassed, look like my house compound (car porch) was trespassed, but it might not had been trespassed;
> My locks were all intact;
> I did not bump into any creature;
> No UFO was spotted;
> My inner gate was secured.

But, I
alami kehilangan barang.

First belonging, it was outside at the ramp to the car porch. It's a drain cover, made of solid steel to withstand the weight of a car (or a truck) if park right on top of it. Due to recent price hike in the steel market, this could probably worth few hundreds bucks if sell to the scrap metal collector.

Second belonging, I lost 2 of my tyre nozzle caps. It's not the usual black plastic cap, it's the aluminum cap, range from RM2 to RM10. Both at the rear tyres. Here is the closer look for far sighted reader...

So can anyone knowledgeable tell me if my house was or was NOT broken in for this time? I am confused :-S

While I am waiting for the right guidance, I setup my very own and simple CSI. The outcome according to my very own expertise after the investigation, there were 2 possibilities:

1. The unknown creature(s) who did NOT break into my house last time came to "test market". The creature(s) might want to revisit me and be my witness to clarify the previous incident, whether my house was or was NOT broken in. Or perhaps the creature(s) would like to replay the same scene 6 months ago.

2. There might be kind creature(s) came to my house compound, helped me to clean up the drain. The creature removed the drain cover and put it somewhere, cleaned the drain and forgot to return the cover to its original position. The creature(s) saw my tyres were a bit deflated, removed the nozzle caps, inflated the tyres and again forgot to return the caps to the original position.
How honor was I with such treatment~ But haiya, how forgetful the creature(s) was (were), must sponsor him/her/them to go for mind mapping courses to improve the memory. I am not sure if I know them, recently there was a gang of Mat Rempit Jr. used to cycling (that's why Junior since not on motorbike yet) around the surrounding. Their bicycle is 2 wheels. I lost 2 nice caps. The caps on the front tyres are still intact (as of this second. Now you see, now you don't...).

So now, I must increase my awareness during nights, can't sleep fully and have my pinky dream, in order to be prepared, to welcome any of them anytime anywhere (mobile internet??) in my house compound. This is one of the "welcome gifts" I have for them, a good drumstick for them to bite...

I am not stingy, I have been to 3 hardware stores but could not find a 2-ft parang as VIP gift, will definitely search till I found one.

Oh, not to forget the brilliant mom's idea, it's for the safety reason especially to my other genuine guests as well as my good postman.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Maxis 3G Performance

There are so many wireless broadband service providers out there nowadays. All of them offer internet anywhere anytime with a USB dongle to hook up with your laptop. Easily everyone can name the big 5 (or 4) like Celcom and TM, Maxis, DiGi and Jaring to other new players like u-Mobile and iZZi. Since I have tested my 3G Blackberry successfully and the contract I have with the Blackberry is unlimited data package, I do not need to incur additional expense to get mobile Internet :) And here's the performance results.

I performed the test in my office, KLCC area with different settings: 3G, EDGE and GPRS modes. I ran the speed test from Jaring website and download iTunes from Apple.com for each connection mode.

If you are connected with 3G network, the performance was quite impressive even the device showed only 2 bars consistently on the signal strength. It's half of the speed of 1Mbps Streamyx (result attached below).

Since the Blackberry 8707 only has 3G and GPRS mode, I used my PDA HP6828 to test the EDGE. Strange and disappointing result. I thought it could be at least at ISDN speed like 96kbps or more, but download from Apple.com was not too bad with constant speed between 12kbps to 14kbps.

Lastly, the GPRS mode. I configured the network setting in the Blackberry to only connect using 2G mode.
Expected result as GPRS is on par with old time dial up speed. One thing to note, your connection will drop when there's incoming call in EDGE and GPRS modes. And your Blackberry emails will not synchornize with server throughout the connected duration until you disconnect. You will see "modem mode enabled" on the screen and you may need to turn off/on the wireless from the device after you are done with your internet.

And for reference, here is the 1Mbps Streamyx result...

My company laptop and network are locked down that I can't install any software such as YM and access internet that is not business related. With this 3G connection and the Wind, I can now logon YM, check personal emails, downloads, and moderate an online forum that I am appointed as moderator. Ha! Work life balance! Perfect!

With that I can close up the "3G Project" happily and successfully, and now looking for side peripherals for my Wind, an ergonomic bluetooth mouse and a macho sling bag ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

超級星光大道 versus Astro ASQ 新秀大赛

It has been quite some time (err... 1 week plus?) that I did not sit in front of TV. Yesterday after dinner, as my usual habit, I switched on Astro Channel 902 AOD while reading news paper, and my aunt + uncle and cousin visited me at the same time as well. My uncle was rushing to check on Astro and asking me to switch to channel 301 AEC for 超級星光大道. May be I shall introduce my uncle a little. He was totally English-ed and now at his 50s or 60s. So, may be everyone just like me wondering why he was so fond about 超級星光大道 which is a Taiwanese Mandarin singing performance show and most of the audience should be those youngsters.

I don't really follow such performance or competition, I just think it's just a stepping stone for those ah bengs and ah lians who always live in their wonder's land dreaming to become another Jay 周杰伦 or Jolin 蔡依林. So I did not follow the show, leaving my cousin and uncle watching the show in the living area. I went for shower and then joined my aunt to chatting in the room. It was then a rthym and voice that caught my ears. I thought it was another well known singer who came onto the stage as guest performer. Then my cousin ran into the room, asking me to join the tv show and listen to the singer.

Apparently the singer wasn't anyone well known like Jay or Leehom, he is just another contestant in the show, Yuming 赖铭伟 and here's his performance...

Since then, I stayed on with the show until it ended after 15 minutes later. I switched to channel 311 WLT and realized it was Astro Star Quest ASQ 2008 Final. My aunt family was interested to watch till the end as everyone of us was still enjoying the endearing performance by Yuming (and 萧煌奇老师) just now, and hopping to continue the momentum on ASQ. It was the guest performance time (you'd know who if you were watching the show). Right after 10 minutes, my aunt family decided to head home, with a simple comment, "Cheh! Not nice one, can't compare (with 星光) at all!"

... ... ...

I must admit that I was impressed with Yuming's performance when I watched him on the tv. He really sang like a professional singer and I could feel that he really plunged into the song and performed the song deep from his lung and heart. Allow me to retract my previous "Satutory Declaration" (on 星光) like P. Balasubramaniam, now I would say it's really a discovery show to look for professional talents who can and have passion to sing. Compare to the ASQ (I could not find in YouTube), as I said earlier, beng-ish and lian-ish were still the key elements in the show, to provide a stage for those who live in their wonder's land to realize their Jay/Jolin dream, than to discover talents who can really sing professionally like in 星光.

I am not a professional judge like 黄舒骏. But dumb audience like me and my aunt family could use our ears and eyes to differentiate the quality. Easy say, those in 星光 sing the songs with heart and deliver the intended message of the song to the audience, whereas those in ASQ sing the songs with good mouth and throat for the sake of entertaining the audience. For ASQ, show ends and the story finished, no one would remember the moment when off the tv or walk out from the stadium. For 星光, there would still be some audiences discuss about the show few nights ago on some of the endearing moments like Yuming's performance above.

I don't think that was the "only" quality we could produce in Malaysia though (Ha! How patriotic am I?!), we did produce a good "product" 张栋梁 from ASQ. Perhaps it's due to the way ASQ conducted the shortlisting in preliminary stages. Look at those "professional" judges, If you follow the progress from the beginning, you'd know what am I talking here...

And I changed my impression on
星光 from now onwards and understood why my uncle and cousin are following the show.

Wind's 3G Project

As I mentioned earlier in one of my blogs that internet is a must to make my Wind a perfect mobile solution. [email protected] and other free Wifi services at cafe like Starbucks seem to be good for me to go online, but I don't consider those as "mobile" though, they are "static" (but wireless) since I can't carry them with me wherever I go. I asked myself this question even before I got my Wind: where and how do I carry the internet in my pocket?

I have an 3G BlackBerry 8707 and an EDGE HP rw6828 Windows Mobile phone which I carry daily. Both on Maxis. I've been using both of them to go online before I bought the Wind. The experience ain't the full internet experience you have with your PC or laptop. Name the few, screen size, input method, YouTube support etc and other Web2.0 applications. This was one of the reasons I bought Wind, and now how do I hook up my Wind with either of them?

The issue to resolve right now was mainly on Blackberry, Windows Mobile is just few clicks away as below. My attempt to use the Blackberry as modem last few years ago when I first have it was a failure, it's because the Canadian company locked down the feature. X-( However, I guess I was a bit in luck, my peer told me that the company has unlocked the feature and released drivers for it. What a good news!

I browsed to the download site. After few clicks, I found the software but there were so many varieties. After reading through few technical forums, I was pretty confidence a slim version of the software, the Blackberry Device Manager should be enough. Desktop Manager is not necessarily needed since I am not using it to load applications, backup/restore etc.

I downloaded and installed it without issue. It isn't plug and play though, some one-time configuration was required. Here's the How To by the kind soul in BlackBerry Forum. On step 9, I needed to change the setting depending on the service provider (Maxis or Celcom):

+cgdcont=1,"IP","unet" if you have activated 3G service.
+cgdcont=1,"IP","net" if you have not activated 3G and still on GPRS/EDGE.

Celcom (or TM)
+cgdcont=1,“IP”,“celcom.net.my” or

After that, I setup the dial up networking as per the guide above. I followed the guide exactly except the user name and password:

User name: maxis
Password: wap

User name: celcom or (blank) if celcom3g is used
Password: celcom or (blank) if celcom3g is used
Phone number:
*99***1# (if *99# not working)

I launched the Blackberry Device Manager, it showed connected. Launched the dial up connection and click Dial. Mission accomplished!

For Windows Mobile, as easy as ABC...

  1. Make sure latest ActiveSync (v4.5) installed, or Mobile Device Center 6.1 for Vista.
  2. On the PDA, go to Start - Programs - Internet Sharing.
  3. Select the connection settings i.e. USB and Maxis 3G
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Hook up the PDA to the notebook and start browsing!
I believe the guide is not limited to only Blackberry, it should work for any internet-enabled phones, as long as there is modem driver for the phone. I am on Maxis Blackberry but I included Celcom as well. DiGi does not offer Blackberry service but this should work identically for their internet access (EDGE/GPRS) setup too, except that Blackberry Device Manager is not required. So I included DiGi setting below:


User name: digi
Password: digi
Phone number:
*99# (try *99***1# if *99# not working)

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Energetic Wind Flies Everywhere...

I am still excited with my new toy, the Wind. She's so mini and light, cute and sexy that she flies everywhere just like a feather...

She flies far away to my office and met a new friend...

She flies back home onto the dining table...

She flies onto my laps...

She is tired for the day and finally lies on my bed...

Like what we used to say few years back during World Cup fever, makan bolo, tidur bola. I now makan angin (Wind), tidur angin (Wind). LoL. I even sleep on the floor so that my Wind doesn't fall down from the bed when I fall asleep... Haha! Too much too over!

Well, these photos (except office one) were actually taken during my test on Wind's battery life. I was browsing internet wirelessly, reading my emails with Yahoo! Messenger running in the background. The screen was set to 40% brightness with all other devices such as webcam and bluetooth turned off, and no devices like mouse attached. The Power Plan used in Vista was Balanced (all default settings except manually personalized the brightness setting) and the screen saver was set to (None). Ohya, volume was at 55% with 4 occasions of email notifications and few ding dong on my YM.

It did not fail me and matched my expectation. It was turned on at 18:02 and by the time it went hibernation at 19:57, there was about 3% power left in the battery. My cousin commented that his Wind (3-cell too) with Windows XP Pro lasted about the same duration, possibly a little over 2 hours. So, this result isn't too bad considering that it's 3-cell battery running on Vista Ultimate. I guess next week I will really stress test it when I go on "honey moon" with her. Hehe...

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yahoo!-ized My CBox

I was exploring the options available in CBox (my Talk Cock Box) setting, browsing through one by one and I stopped at the smilies or emoticons page. I looked for few seconds, found out those smilies were not my liking. Look at them, I just felt like something wrong with them, don't you think so??

I am a long time Yahoo! Messenger user since its first launch back to 10 years ago when I was still in university. I remember that Mirabilis ICQ and IRC were dominating the "cyber chatting space" before Yahoo! Pager emerged on the second year of my university life. Since then, YM! becomes a compulsory software in all my PC, even on my PDA phone and BlackBerry! Ahhhh! Now I figured out what's wrong, the smilies are so lousy compared to YM's emoticons, I am so get used to YM emoticons. Hehe... I found an excuse, so I decided to revamp all the smilies in CBox, although there might not be many people using it. And here is the result...

This is just some of them, click on the smilies link at the bottom of the CBox to find out more. There are still about 30+ emoticons to be added from YM. Feel free to try it out ;)

Now I feel good~ Yahoo~~ Hehehe...

EDIT, 25 July 08: Completed all the emoticons...

The Blue Night

After the Euro 2008, football fan like me suddenly feel like losing the pointer in our life, where do we find our life during weekends??!! Don't you notice more crowds or more males in the shopping malls on Saturday night these days, and those mamak with big screen are not so crowded? Simply because the boy friends and hubbies are "freed" from channel 812 or 813 of Astro until August before the new season begins. Ha! I didn't do a survey though, but simple observation on my ring and surrounding...

Well, to those Blue fans, especially those staying in Klang Valley, certainly they are excited about an upcoming event which is going to happen in 5 days time, posted above. This ain't an advertisement time, those close to me know very well that I am a Red Devil supporter, so what for I do marketing for the Blues? But, since they gave away their Champions League Champion to us, with the dramatic slip by their beloved Captain, why not? Haha! And if you missed the "miss", here's the miss of the century :)

In my gang, we have 2 Gunners, 3 Red Devils, and 1 twin-headed cobra whom always swings his favorite based on end result. None Blue fans so far... I used to be a lone supporter in my previuos company, at least 4 of Red fans always "bully" me. However, I still remember some of them owe me a genuine original ManUtd jersey and a week of wearing ManUtd jersey in office after ManUtd clinched the title on 2002/03. Well, all I concluded, Liverpool fans never keep promise. Now I have 1 Liverpool fan in my group, perhaps I should claim from him. LoL.

Anyhow, I am not as hardcore as to anti other clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea. I don't anti other clubs, and I do have favorite players like Lampard, Alonso and etc in other clubs (Oh, I like Jose Mourinho!). So, I am kinda sad that I can't join the rest of the Blue fans to this event in Shah Alam, which is just 10 minutes away from my house. I will be flying off the next day for vacation, and anticipate there will be some scheduled night conferences on the 29th to close up some of my work items before I enjoy the trip.

Here is the link to the site, you may purchase online.

Long live ManUtd! The Treble and the Double!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Migration Complete

I was trying to complete the migration from my old site. I accessed the site, reviewed the video/audio that worth migrate here, I found few and wanted to download back the files for reposting since I don't keep a copy in my harddisk. When I clicked on the download link, I was greeted with this message:

Ok, now I have to pay to download back my files! Does it sound right and legal? Meaning that I have lost my files and "copyrights" on some of the files that produced by me to this service provider, whom used to give free services and hosting for blogs??!! Now, if I want my files back, pay them! X-( [email protected]#$%^&*( As I said earlier, no free lunch in this world.

Well, look at the positive side, that concludes my migration! I don't have to go through the tedious of copy-paste process anymore. Hehe... So I disabled all the collaboration features (i.e. comments) on the site, decided to leave old stuff there and close up the migration, let's move on with new stuff in new blog ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Finally added CBox or Talk Cock Box on the right. Don't ever think I short circuit that I talked to myself over the box there, they are test messages...

So leave your message if you like...

EDIT: the CBox is enabled with profanity and spam filtering, if your words got filtered, you will see asterisks * as replacement. 1 good example, talk cock punya "cock" will be filtered and replaced as ****. Hehe... My blog also has underage visitors one.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Forensic Hero III

Look at the blog title and the poster at the side, hmm... some may think I want to blog a review on the famous Hong Kong series? Ha! Not really, though I quite like the series. Just these 2 days I was working as a "forensic hero" to help my uncle to recover his lost photos that were inadvertently deleted when doing transfer between PC and the SD card. Well, how much it worth for the photos? What do you think if I say the photos were taken during his 8D7N trip back to China, or precisely our root kampung, Eng Chun 永春 with a group of extremely extended infinite far relatives, and he paid +/- RM10,000 for it? He could probably pay for second trip, but the group wouldn't be the same and there might not be any special worship ceremony to the ancestor anymore, plus he was being teased and laughed off by his friends on his silly mistake. I am always the free technical support to the family and branches, this time round I think it is a one-time golden business opportunity for me, I am definitely not over if I demand for RM5,000 to recover the photos right? And should have incentive or performance bonus if I manage to recover ALL, isn't this a perfect moment for me to gain some capital for my next baby, the iPhone 3G? LoL.

My "business risk" over here is, I can not go wrong with the SD card even for once! No try and error for me. Even if it's just a single new bit written onto the card, one photo might be destroyed and forever not recoverable. Further, my expert reputation might be ruined merely because of a wrong decision. So before I started anything, the very first thing I did is to lock the card for write access. I knew Windows DOS comes with a command RECOVER, though I could just simulate the "deletes" with another spare card, but to me, that's a little risky to try on the command and may not produce the ideal result (you'd know, Windows tools always have limitations). So I spent some time to google the internet. Plenty of software you can get from the result, some freeware some trial/shareware etc. I believe majority of them could do the trick to recover the files, but I have never use any of them before, one wrong click and bye bye my business! I downloaded few reputable software, most of them trial. One of the readme of a trialware triggered me that I could only view the recoverable files but unable to recover them with trial version, so I need to buy...

While I was still deciding which to go, I browsed to my software folder for some housekeeping works. I was then greeted by a software called TestDisk. This simple software helped to recover my ~90GB of media files in a 100GB lost partition in my Archos. I unzipped it and navigated to the folders, I found an executable called PhotoRec_Win.exe. Ha! The name sounds very charming to me at this critical moment! :) Quickly I googled it and also visited the site at this page. Bingo! Its description describes exactly what I want! I was so excited about this and full confidence on this tool 'cause it (the TestDisk) recovered my data without a single loss, it has good comments in some photography forums as well! Further, some forumers shared the experience that it does not write anything onto the card, it reads bits by bits from the card and recovers the files onto your harddisk folder. Therefore, it's safe to give a try.

Without further hesitate, I slotted in the card, double clicked the tool, carefully went through each question, hit Enter and my heart beat shot up to 5000 beats per second (each beat for a Ringgit). Haha!

It looked promising... I was thinking to go for a worship while waiting for it to complete. Hehe... After about 40 minutes (faster than 1 hour shown above), I was dancing in my room when saw the screen below. Hehe...

Next day, called the customer aka my uncle to verify how many photos he deleted, and I laughed "langsi-ly" when he told me roughly about 60-70 photos. I recovered double of the number with no duplicates! He collected the card 30 minutes ago and smile happily to show his satisfaction with the service given. What a business success and enterpreneur am I?! And if you remember there was a scene in Forensic Hero II that the heroes recovered a deleted video from a phone, so may be I can change the poster a little bit since I recovered 149 photos...

Don't you think it looks cool? Haha... lost my mind already :p

Back to serious matter, this tool (PhotoRec) and the other (TestDisk) have been proven (by me la) to be the savor when you need to recover files or disk partition respectively. Both are freeware, developed by CGSecurity, you don't have to buy those commercialware, I would rather suggest you to use the tool(s) and donate to the creator. However, bear in mind, one very simple rule for the tool to work successfully is to STOP using the card (copy, paste, delete, format etc) immediately when you discovered data loss. Otherwise, you may not be able to recover or fully recover your data. My uncle reacted well on his mistake that he instantly stopped using the card and kept it in the safe place (the housing).

Below are some snapshots of the tool in sequence. If you notice, you can narrow down your recovery to certain file types in the 4th screen, which I believe it accelerates the recovery process depending on your selection.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

[email protected]

I came across this WirelessKL.com quite sometime ago from InTech, I did not really bother to read the details during that time as I believe it's another clone of [email protected] in Singapore (as usual, we Malaysian like to be copycat including myself). But now is different story, I will be always attached with my new toy Wind. The Wind wouldn't be much sexier if without the Internet, so free wifi service is one of the "tasks" that I asked myself to accomplish, beside the other few like 3G wireless etc.

The P1's (or PacketOne) advertisement on today's paper recalled my blurry memory about WirelessKL. So I wandered to the site just now to find more about the service. On the homepage, the Flash played for a while and showed "Anytime Anywhere
FREE" bla bla bla like snapshot above. I am very skeptical to FREE stuff in this BullehLand and I always believe there is no free meal at least in this country. Then I took sometime to read through the About, and there you go...

So, it's
FREE for 2 years ONLY. The questions I have were "When is the 2-year period? From the date I signed up or from the service commencement date? And what's next after 2 years?" Anyhow, it doesn't really matter how long is the "free period", I would find another alternative when no more free service, and possibly WiMax is available by that time. I also read through the details of the T&C at the bottom of the page. As expected, the clauses put the service users into deep shit if something fishy really happens between the service provider and subscribers like me, except section 7.1 as below that convinced me to register, it's really free. So "don't-care-so-much" attitude ruled me, I went ahead to register myself. Ha! I was a bit excited 'cause my ID is available, meaning not many people sign up!

While waiting for the activation email, I browsed through the site and looked for service coverage. Hmm... not encouraging at all, most of the areas are "coming soon". But I don't really have any expectation on it (since I live in Malaysia mah), it's just another alternative that would come handy if I really urgently looking for connection at the service hotspot area. But if you are mobile and frequently hang around the areas, there is no harm to register though, just another option to pick when free wifi is not available and when you need it most.

I anticipate this probably just an initial phase of WiMax infrastructure setup by P1 (they are also the service provider of WirelessKL). If you are into this topic, you probably know P1 is the largest WiMax implementor in Malaysia and will be the first to deploy the technology soon or later (it has been postponed from June 08). Part of WiMax is the wifi technology, so it is no surprise to me that those registered users of WirelessKL.com will be offered a chargeable service contract in the future when WiMax is available.

We shall see...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

jacko.my is Live Now!

From the very beginning when I signed up this blog, I was already planning for a domain name for it. Nothing special, just think a unique domain name would "look cool" for the blog. Hehe... In addition, as my current job also requires me to learn up more about Web 2.0 to stay competent in the job, so I think this may be a good learning ground or starting point for me.

My domain is ended with .my domain which must be registered with a local authority, mynic. It's not cheap compared to .com domain. I was trying to get jacko.com, unfortunately the domain has been reserved by someone but without much progress on the site! If it becomes available, I would probably grab it and the url for this blog may change from jacko.my to jacko.com. This is because .com is cheaper plus I can get additional free services liks DNS hosting from those foreign service providers with .com, for .my I will have to pay for it! Ultimately the main advantage is... if I want to be Anwar's hardcore supporter and would like to support him with my blog, the beloved G will not be able to shut down my site since everything is hosted outside of Malaysia. Just like Anwar's, Tun M's and Raja Petra's blog. But, I would need to authorize the other to write the blog on behalf of me when I'm detained under ISA. Any volunteer or taker?? Hehe...

Anyway, starting from today, this blog can be accessed via http://www.jacko.my or http://jacko.my. It will last at least a year, who knows it is being shut down by the beloved "G" if I blog too many about the country politics and bias to opposition
within the 12 months before the domain expires. Hehe...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

MSI Wind U100 Part 3

Perhaps this may be the last review of my new Wind until I have time to stress test it with practical use i.e. travel with it, yamchar @ Coffee Beans and video conference with it etc. Well, it may not sound like a review, perhaps it's the explanatory post to blog how did I end up with Wind.

You can see from the blog that I posted to compare several netbooks available in the market. All models did not catch my eyes due to the specification except for HP mini 2133 initially when Wind was not yet available. However, after googling through the forums and found out the VIA CPU is not really up to the expectation to run as an effective low power CPU, in term of heat generation, power consumption and processing efficiency. And at the same time, my cousin found out about MSI Wind U100, I learned about Intel Atom from this sweety, and it would be the first netbook to be equipped with Atom. Immediately, HP no longer the contender in my selection anymore. I have some doubts on MSI laptop though, but I used to have favorite on their PC products such as mobo and display card, so I convienced myself to give a try on this new toy and eventually now I have Wind as my new lover. Plus, not to forget a very well pre-sale customer service I got from one of the sales representatives from MSI, she is Lucy Chen, very responsive to every email I sent in for inquiry and never fail me with her response. Thanks Lucy! Hope your boss is reading this :)

Now, from my previous blog, I mentioned that the Winds I bought were preloaded with Linux. Main reason I bought the Linux version was, I couldn't wait anymore ever since I knew about Wind, the XP version only has pink color at that time and white or black color only available the next 2 weeks. Furthermore, the most important and deciding factor, I got the BEST deal in the town, the deal was really really really can't beatable anywhere else in Malaysia, if not Singapore or worldwide... haha...

So h
ow much then? RM1630 for one!! Hardware specification is like what I said in the previous blog, same with XP version, you can check it out here. Cousin and I topped up RM70 each to get our Wind upgraded to 2GB RAM. You can see the RAM stick on the photo below, it's the back (or bottom) of the Wind in between the ventilation fan (right) and the 80GB hard disk on the left.

We were a bit greedy, we attempted on 2GB RAM stick but as other forumers confirmed, Wind can not support it. It would be perfect to run Vista if we could get a total of 3GB RAM! I suspect the culprit is BIOS that restricts it, hopefully MSI removes this limitation on the next release of BIOS upgrade. Back to the money matter, so it's RM1700 per Wind equipped with 2GB RAM, compared to average retail price of RM1899 that I asked around SS2, Low Yat and Imbi. Since I budgeted around RM2000 for this round, I pampered my new Wind with a companion, a slim DVD Writer for RM270. Total, still cheaper than what I budgeted, and compared to if I were to buy it at RM1899 with XP Home, no upgrade to 2GB RAM and no external DVD writer plus to wait another 1 or 2 week! Haha! Yoohoo! Extreme excited with my deal!

So where did I buy my Wind with such a good deal? Below is the contact information, call and inquire the shop(s). You may not get the deal like what I did, simply because some other resellers complained the shop to the sole distributor of MSI Wind that he is (or was?) selling cheaper than the agreed retail price, so good luck! And of course provided you are in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, KL ;)

DexCom Technologies SB (formerly known as Wai-H Technology SB)
Lot G16, G45 Ground Floor
Imbi Plaza
+6 03 2715 9961
+6 03 2713 9916
+6 03 2148 9961
[email protected]

Another 2 resellers that I have their business cards in hand right now, one of them offered free RAM upgrade but I couldn't remember which:

Computer War
151A, Jalan SS2/24
47300 Petaling Jaya
+6 03 7877 2998
+6 03 7877 6198
[email protected]

IT Discovery
Lot G17, Ground Floor
Imbi Plaza
+6 03 2144 6553
+6 012 207 7353 (Daniel)
[email protected]

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MSI Wind U100 Part 2

From one of the photos in my second "Windy" blog (which was Part 1 review), I bought 2 Winds, one belongs to my cousin whom another gadget guy like me, one for myself. Unlike my previous job that I used to dirty my hands in the server room to setup systems as well as desktop deployment, my current job does not need me to do such dirty hands, but only use my brain to do the work and mouth to ask people to do (short say talk cock guy la, lol), so I needed more time to setup my cousin's Wind on Windows XP Professional. At the same time, I needed to bust off and clean viruses on my PC and the nx6310 laptop featured in my Part 1 review. Well, the most effort was actually spent on finding drivers (and silly me! I eventually found out MSI 's System CD does come with Vista drivers!) and all my software for Vista-compatible version.

Why I needed Vista when Wind comes preloaded with XP? Wouldn't it run like snail with Vista? The first answer is correct on XP, but the Winds that I bought were loaded with Linux, the hardware specification remains exactly like the XP version though. So since I want Windows platform than Linux and I have a unused genuine Vista Ultimate license, why not give a try just like a China reviewer did before I answer the second question?

And here you go, the Vista setup screen...

Typical Windows screen, nothing much to excite. It's very simple to go through even for non IT literate users. The only difference with XP setup I found was that there is no more screen that allows users to select/deselect components they do or do not want to install for disk space saving reason.

The setup took less than 30 minutes (or may be less than 20 minutes?) to complete. I did not clock it and wait for it to complete, I was having my dinner and by the time I ran back to my room, I was greeted with the Welcome screen asking my name to setup user profile. I continued the setup with drivers installation, Windows Updates, partition setup for D drive, software installation and antivirus updates which basically took my whole sleeping night to complete all. I did it slowly to make sure I don't have to redo it... and finally after few hours of installation and configuration, I ran the defragmentation before I headed to bed.

The next day, I took a video to show the boot up time...

Not bad huh? About a minute plus including the button press and BIOS time. I have not thoroughly stress test it, but launching IE, Firefox, Microsoft Office was fast and responsive. A typical end user experience for reference, I was running multiple applications (Firefox, IE for Windows Updates, Word and PowerPoint) and transferring data from external to the internal harddisk, no lagging in my browsing (Firefox), reading (Word) and viewing full screen PowerPoint. The only slight delay was when I switched from one application to another. Interestingly I am running the Aero theme and it's fully supported by Wind's (or Intel more accurate) chipset! (I set my wallpaper to plain black)

So what say more? With such a slimmed spec (the CPU) on hardware, I am a happy Wind user. Prior the Vista setup, I was expecting myself to revert to XP after the test, but I guess now I will stay with Vista, and who knows the Vista running slower after few uses or when installed with more software and security updates as typical Windows platform like previous generations...

Okie, now I happily shut down my Wind + Vista Ultimate in one hand... Good night Wind Wind~ :)

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Monday, July 14, 2008

MSI Wind U100 Part 1

It has been a while since my first blog on this new toy. Let's start with some comparison on the size first, since it's so light that a windy day will blow it away like feather... hehe...

First, comparison with HP Compaq nx6310:

Second, with Dell Latitude D610:

Overall of nx6310, D610 and Wind:

Now, with Dell XPS m1220:

Before the comparison, I thought it would rather be comparable in size with XPS, but from the photos, Wind clearly wins hands down.

Lastly, if you still can't figure out the size (ya, I'd know the photos were kinda blurry), see below... a full size A4 paper at the bottom, a ruler and BlackBerry 8707g on top.

Now clearer? If not, then you may need to visit any optical shop or Tun Hussein Onn Hospital :p Pay a visit to Low Yatt, Imbi or SS2's Computer War, they have display unit for you to try.

More to come...

p/s: Picasa down, can't upload pictures... this is why this blog was drafted but not published...

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