jacko.my is Live Now!

From the very beginning when I signed up this blog, I was already planning for a domain name for it. Nothing special, just think a unique domain name would "look cool" for the blog. Hehe... In addition, as my current job also requires me to learn up more about Web 2.0 to stay competent in the job, so I think this may be a good learning ground or starting point for me.

My domain is ended with .my domain which must be registered with a local authority, mynic. It's not cheap compared to .com domain. I was trying to get jacko.com, unfortunately the domain has been reserved by someone but without much progress on the site! If it becomes available, I would probably grab it and the url for this blog may change from jacko.my to jacko.com. This is because .com is cheaper plus I can get additional free services liks DNS hosting from those foreign service providers with .com, for .my I will have to pay for it! Ultimately the main advantage is... if I want to be Anwar's hardcore supporter and would like to support him with my blog, the beloved G will not be able to shut down my site since everything is hosted outside of Malaysia. Just like Anwar's, Tun M's and Raja Petra's blog. But, I would need to authorize the other to write the blog on behalf of me when I'm detained under ISA. Any volunteer or taker?? Hehe...

Anyway, starting from today, this blog can be accessed via http://www.jacko.my or http://jacko.my. It will last at least a year, who knows it is being shut down by the beloved "G" if I blog too many about the country politics and bias to opposition
within the 12 months before the domain expires. Hehe...


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