Saturday, November 8, 2008


I started to drink vinegar. In Mandarin, it translates to 我吃醋了. Oh, should be 我喝醋了.

Why? Because my loved one is closer to other guys than me? Or other guys treat my loved one nicer than me? Ha! Nay, such "vinegar" hardly happens to me. Heehee...

If you don't quite get me, "eat vinegar" in Chinese or 吃醋 means jealous in English. It's typically used to describe one's sour grape feeling towards his/her loved one when above happens.

I am not talking about love relationship here, but true vinegar, the fruit vinegar that I start consuming since a week ago.

Before I started to drink vinegar, I learned about something called fruit wine from few articles published on the newspaper. Then, I came across something similar called Choya Plum Wine (14% alcohol) during my trip at Labuan few months ago. Recently I bought 2 small bottles from KLCC's Isetan. The next day morning, the "drunken master" in my house came to me, "OoOoH! Damn powerful!" My mom thought it was a normal fruit juice with a little alcohol like Anglia Shandy, she walloped the whole bottle on early morning. *_*|||

After the few articles on fruit wine, the paper started to introduce fruit vinegar and on one occasion I saw this ads on Astro 311. Browsing through the Wikipedia I learned that the plum wine I bought from KLCC is also a type of fruit vinegar called Umeshu or Umezu in Japanese. Hmmm... May be I shall give a try.

On an evening to Tesco for groceries shopping, we went to Eu Yan Sang 余仁生 to get some herbs. I saw a promotion, buy one and get the second at RM10...

Do the packets look like Wine? With the bottles out, not bad design huh? RM72 for the first bottle and RM10 for the second, so average RM41 for each bottle of 600ml. Since not paid by me, try lah. :P

Not many stocks left, I took 2 flavors, the Porcelain Berry in green and Pineapple in orange packet. The former claims to ease if you have insomnia and the latter is for digestive system.

Basically the way to consume it is very simple, just like how you drink Ribena. It depends on how much sourness you could take, just like how much sweetness you could take with Ribena when mix with plain water. But since it's acidic, the recommendation is 1:15 portion, meaning 1 portion of vinegar dilute in 15 portions of plain water, either chilled or warm.

I made a glass of 500ml plain water and mixed with the vinegar...

I am a freestyle guy. I didn't follow 1:15 or whatsover, I used my eyes to examine the sourness by its color. Hehe...

Taste? Don't expect something like Ribena or sparkling juice, it tastes like the rice vinegar shown on left, but with a little flavor of the fruit. If you could take sour stuff, it ain't too bad to drink though. I have not seen any effect, yet to know if it's really good. But I always believe if it's originated from Japan, perhaps it's something good for health, so no harm to try it, as long as don't over consume. If you don't like the taste, probably this is a good website how you can creatively drink fruit vinegar (or in specific, the plum wine) in other ways.

By the way, I didn't know we can online order Eu Yan Sang products and have it to deliver to your doorstep, go to Eu Yan Sang website, click on Online Store to start shopping. You may want to check the delivery zone if your area is under coverage.


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  2. sama sama "eat vinegar". hehe...