Did Singaporean Government Visit My Blog?

As per the post title, anyone working in Singaporean Government sector, in particular may be the Tourism Board or Consumer and Trading Ministry happened to drop by? I just wonder. If yes, may be can leave a message or email me at blog [at] jacko.my?

2 months ago, I blogged about "free ticket" promotion from Jetstar, a very very misleading ads by the airline to ordinary consumers like me.

2 months down the road, Singaporean Government responded (may be or may be not to me).

If you read Mandarin, click here for the news at Sin Chew Daily. Briefly, the main point is:
If you read English, few other similar news...

Straits Times quoted:
New rules set by the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) will require travel agents and airlines to advertise full fares so travellers know right away how much their air ticket or holiday will cost, The Straits Times learnt.
eTravel Blackboard quoted:
From Saturday the 1st of November, Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) guidelines stipulate that all airlines must advertise fares inclusive of taxes and surcharges.
According to the news articles, the airline was still stubborn to remove those misleading ads:
Despite this, Jetstar continues to advertise their $0* sale fares through its website.
We Malaysian always tease the southern neighbor country kiasu, kiasi and kia whatever. They kia, but see what their government delivered to them. We don't kia anything and what do we get from our beloved G??!!

Does the price of Wantan Mee drop after the petrol price drop?

Does the price of living goods in pasar (market) drop after the petrol price drop?

Does the respective authority react to the public complains of dishonest traders?

Did you see any authority to perform spot check in the market?

Perhaps they are too busy to discuss how to throw RPK back to Kamunting.

Perhaps they are too busy to determine who's the next lucky one to be locked up under ISA to ensure his/her safety.

Perhaps they are too busy to calculate how much their personal pocket can gain by long-talking topic of removing the cash rebate of RM625.

Perhaps they are too busy to secure their position from a take over by DSAI.

Perhaps and perhaps. They can find infinite excuses. No surprise, this is BullehLand right?

See another related article at theStar.


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