Ghost Bikes - German Bicycle Technology

I mentioned a "project" in my previous post on SeaSucker. Now I can tell that it's a new bike from Ghost Bikes. I was expecting it as CNY gift a week after CNY. It took a little more time but the wait has finally come to an end. Well, good things always come last, right? :) Before I jump to unveil my new bike, let's tease a little with some intro to Ghost...

Here is the link to another video by Ghost's Canadian exclusive distributor MEC including a brief interview with former Ghost CEO.

Some criticize its brand name - ghost bikes is used to refer to a white junk bicycle setup as memorial by the roadside where a rider/cyclist had been killed (refer Wikipedia). Well, I reckon that doesn't really matter, what matters most is that the company produces good bikes. If you need some convincing factors, perhaps the 2008 Olympic gold medalist, Sabine Spitz could help...

photo credits to Sabine's blog

Interested in Ghost Bikes and you're in Malaysia/Singapore? Head to Ghost Bikes distributor Sen Aik Trading or pay a visit to the shop at Setia Alam (link to Google Map) or call +6 03 3358 6650 to enquire.

Next, will be the revelation of my long-waiting Ghost Bikes :)


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