SeaSucker Mini Bomber

There are basically 2 options to carry bikes with your car: the roof rack like Thule or Yakima rack systems or the rear mount bike carriers like the BnB I shared months ago...

I prefer the rear mount than the roof rack simply because of aesthetics. I don't want to feel like driving a truck all times with a rack sits on top of me (no offense to those rack owners). I also learned that the rack impacts fuel consumption. That means a lot to me as I have to commute 100km daily. One last reason was I might be changing my car soon or later and I don't want to re-invest another expensive rack system.

My BnB is serving me well. But I have a plan in brewing which BnB bike carrier may not fit into (I will share when the time comes) and therefore here come my new bike gadget, just in time as my X'mas present...

The SeaSucker Mini Bomber bike carrier. The package consists of the main unit Mini Bomber for 2 bikes with 2 rear wheel straps, one extra "spare tire" (the red round item) and a trial 5g O-ring lube for maintenance use. The main unit is also upgraded with Delta fork mount...

You can compare the original mount here...

Definitely the upgraded mount looks much more sturdy than the original mount. Plus you can lock it for some sort of security...

I also added an accessories for "the plan"...

The 15mm or 15QR fork up adapter. Mini Bomber's Delta fork mount is only compatible with 9mm dropouts. My current bike works with Mini Bomber without the adapter, this adapter will allow me to carry a 15QR bike when travel with friend. By the way, this adapter is not a SeaSucker product but Hurricane Components.

How to use it? Very simple...

How and where to mount it? The answer is anywhere on any car...


This isn't a good position, the Mini Bomber obstructs the wipers movement. I put it this way so that I could see the pump from inside while driving. Here's the correct usage...

I just got it for 2 days and used once today, I start loving it! Above is not my car (my car is in workshop for paint touch up partly due to BnB rear bike carrier), I would have to spend times to re-setup the BnB bike carrier to fit car above, or cancel the ride plan if I were on a rack system (on my car). This is the beauty of SeaSucker, it fits virtually any car within seconds without reconfiguration like the rack and rear bike carrier. Take it with you and you can carry your bike (or bikes) to anywhere you want with any vehicle. I have yet to prove it for longer distance on highway, but there is a video in YouTube showing its holding power over 140mph. The only negligible drawback is you need a little more time to "re-pump" the SeaSucker before remount the bike after ride, whereas others with rack or rear carrier can just hook their bike onto the rack and leave. Well, you can leave it on the car roof and go for ride if you do not worry about theft.

Lastly, where did I get it? The best deal is only available at Thanks to Carlos who patiently worked out a very good deal for me. The whole deal costs me slightly above RM1400 with free Delta fork mount upgrade, free spare tire (not only the rubber cup but also the pump!), plus cheap and fast international shipping. I ordered on 20 Dec Florida time, the item was shipped on the same day via FedEx International Priority. I received it on 24 Dec 10:30am my local time! Thanks to Carlos for the X'mas present! :)

I highly recommend PEB if you keen to get SeaSucker or any other products PEB carries such as Drift Ghost action cam etc.

If you're still doubtful about SeaSucker, check out MTBR forum for user feedback (some of the photos in this post were also taken from MTBR forum thread).


  1. cheap price but how do I buy it?can u teach me how to buy from

    1. u can get it from local online store. rm1180 for talon. cheaper than you bring it over from US.

  2. cheap price but how do I buy it?can u teach me how to buy from

  3. cheap price but how do I buy it?can u teach me how to buy from

    1. you must have paypal account to trade:

      1. go to
      2. browse the seasucker products.
      3. click "add to paypal cart" button under USE “ADD TO CART” BELOW FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.
      4. wait for the page to finish loading. you will see the item added to the cart on the right.
      5. continue shopping and adding things you want to buy.
      6. click checkout with paypal button once you done and follow paypal instruction to complete payment.

      if you have any question, i recommend you to email Carlos at [email protected] before your purchase. negotiate with him on the shipping cost if you buy multiple items. he can also send you invoice directly to your paypal account which you will get cheaper shipping cost. make sure your shipping address is 100% accurate!

      enjoy shopping!

  4. Izzit they are free shipping to KL malaysia??

    1. no free shipping but the overall cost is still cheaper than local reseller here even after adding the shipping cost


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