Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Balance + Vibram Minimus Trail Running Shoe

I am really into barefoot concept these days. I guess it was the positive effect after I bought my first Vibram barefoot shoe in Hong Kong. I really feel light, natural and less strain on the foots and toes especially after long walk. Perhaps barefoot is really a healthy way to walk/run/exercise, or my previous sport shoes suck big time. 

I am into mountain biking as well. I regretted I did not buy another pair of Vibram that is meant for watersport. I am not ready for clipless pedals yet, so I need a pair of good sport shoes with following requirements for my offroad experience:

Offroad C4C Extended

This is the extended post of my previous post on C4C Loop around Bukit Ramlee. Apparently this offroad trail is so flexible that it caters a wide range of riders, from the beginners to the advanced bikers. Depending on one's stamina and determination, one can opt to complete a smaller loop or go for a full loop if capable.

Check out the map after the break...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

HK Trip: The Loots

This probably a dated and the last post of my HK trip 2 months ago. I talked about food and found out I forgot to mention the food I missed, such as this...

Gong Cha 貢茶.

In Macau...


We had a huge lunch that I couldn't stuff in more, in particular the pork burger! The outlet we went was closed and we were rushing time. Sigh.

Since I missed out some food, I must loot something in return from shopping to cheer myself up...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Offroad C4C Full Loop

After the KLMBH #214 Setia Alam bash, my friend kept on assuring me that was not a good offroad experience for beginner like me. He was worried that I would chicken away from mountain biking. LoL. A night before, he whatsapp me asking me if I would join him and the PCT gang for a true offroad experience for beginner. I was hesitate as I wasn't equipped with hydra pack and bike carrier. After some exchanges with him, I told myself just do it!

On the morning, everyone gathered at Good Place Restaurant around 7am for breakfast...