Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Door God" in my office

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In one of the particular floors in my office, everybody feels very safe n enjoy working there as there is a pair of DOOR GOD 门神 watching out the threats for the whole team, safeguarding everyone to make sure the atmosphere is peace and harmony. no body will get hurt by any threats fr the kiasu country down there, fr the angmo countries, fr the smile in front cucuk belakang 笑里藏刀 countries up there..

feel so safe~~ not even a single insect can trespass to pollute the air, the entrance to the floor just like below...

nxt yr, everything has changed... if u still remember a previous blog fr me, one of the door gods is gone... the flr is no longer blessed with peace, it's vulnerable to any attack n haunting every corner~~

those at the flr, u'all gotta b prepared... but perhaps, may b and who knows a female god who just bck to work in office could b the savior like this buddha...

everyone hopes so...

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Long Hunger Dinner

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It has been 8 months+ i din get a bite on this king of local fruits!!! i was on medicine which prohibited me fr eating, then went for an "andy lau" surgery/operation... finally when i was looking something for my dinner n i saw the familiar lorry parked at the restaurant... this lorry is where i usually buy liulian, cheap, nice, n quality assured! hihi... i m the regular customer till he asked me "wahlau eh, kiu pa ni bo kua teo lu" (hundred yrs nvr see me)... i asked for ang hei (red prawn, my favorite species), small like apple... he explained "liu lian tan balu ka start nia, ko takang loh hor, balu bo tat jia... 1 kilo ai RM20 leh" (now onli season starts, somemore rainy season, not worth eating now cos RM20/kg)... see, this is one of the reasons i like to buy fr him 'cos he is honest... then i mah warm up my stomach wit "normal no brand" one loh, RM5 for one...

this xmas must reimburse wat i had missed out for 8 months when i north-up!! liulian, i luv u!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Sad Moment for A Cat

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Just bck fr karaoke... it was the belated birdday celebration for "a cat" aka ahmiao in hokkien ... unfortunately it turned up "misery" by an annoucement...

ahmiao was sitting right in front of the screen to program songs... he then said to me "eh this song very good for us now, for team building..." - "tomorrow will be better", a chn song like "we are the world" type one (1st hint)... dun care wat song u wan to sing la, we just wan to sing most we can in the 4 hrs window... i ma said "good, let's go for it" since the song just fit into the theme of the session, a retro session, most oldies all come out to the list... oldies not tat old till 1957 la... 70s 80s one... we r all young ppl :p

LKH din sing better man tonite, nor din he sing 5 hundreds oso but instead some lam kor, soft soft lovely one... cool taikor nowadays veli friendly liao, cool at the right time when work n smile to everyone any other time... hmm 爱情的魔力实在是无法挡啊!! in hokkien, ai jeng eh morsook sipeh beh tahan ar!! or magic of luv very powerful ar!! so 500 punye songs go into his archive liao... he no need 500 to cure his glass heart...

then ahmiao punye tomolo will b better came up liao...since this was for team building, so i mah said something "ok, we do not know who's the next will leave, we do not know when we can sit together n sing... n since we r here tonite, let's wish everybody a better tomolo... ... ..." then ahmiao hinted something like "yeah, u nvr know..." (2nd hint) followed by another song 姜育恒's 再回首 (look back again)... i mah said "again, we do not know when we will b apart, let's enjoy the moment now n look back for good memories in future..." just enuf time b4 the song start, ahmiao said to everyone "oh, he oledie said all the speech i wanted to say tonite" uh-oh... then onli we noticed the atmosphere changed, it's an annoucement!! of course we din care much tat time, we r there to sing for fun, not for sadness (joking ler... later ahmiao feel sad)... then the theme for the karaoke immediately changed!!

we start digging out all songs related to fren, farewell, apart etc... this one normal reaction la... suddenly we saw 500 on the big screen... huh?? LKH suddenly like bck to old time liao, cool like ice liao, but this time around his eyes looked watery and the eye brows senget down... he then sang 500 punye song, as usual, shout like got needle cucuk kat punggung... then onli we noticed ahmiao punye annoucement got so big effect on LKH... LKH looked so sad, so depressed, so demotivated... aiya all negative feelings la... we all understand, they lived in the same room for >2 yrs, sure got kamching one even oledie broke off for a yr +...

no body got the chance to get the remote anymore, LKH holding it, programmed all songs to express his "luv" to ahmiao, those songs with lyrics "i missed u so much" "i can't live w/o u" "u go w/o notice" "baby dun leave me, bring me along" "baby dun go" "how can i wake up tomolo" "miss u luv u" "how could u leave me" "u betrayed me" etc etc... of course kenot miss out his 500 songs la... last time used to b 1 small needle cucuk, tonite he like kena cucuk by dozens of needles, shout till like losing the loved one... and we confirmed he got deep deep luv (aiyor.. we missed out "how deep is ur luv") wit ahmiao... of course u'd know his cool style one la, he where got express in words one... we pity him loh, we mah abit strugling to sing all those songs on bhalf of LKH to ahmiao loh... hope ahmiao caught all hidden meaning fr the lyrics la... tat's all we could help... n LKH a "better man" liao, hope ahmiao can reconsider... wahahaha!!!

n so nxt wk xmas eve steamboat celeb will b a farewell again... possibly another annoucement... u nvr know~

anyway, wish him all way smooth wind 一路顺风 la... dun half way disappear 半路失踪 cos he could b the front liner to build the future for everyone who is suffering now in the office ;)

go buy empat ekor 1312 or 1213 - the day to b hardcoded into memory.