A Long Hunger Dinner

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It has been 8 months+ i din get a bite on this king of local fruits!!! i was on medicine which prohibited me fr eating, then went for an "andy lau" surgery/operation... finally when i was looking something for my dinner n i saw the familiar lorry parked at the restaurant... this lorry is where i usually buy liulian, cheap, nice, n quality assured! hihi... i m the regular customer till he asked me "wahlau eh, kiu pa ni bo kua teo lu" (hundred yrs nvr see me)... i asked for ang hei (red prawn, my favorite species), small like apple... he explained "liu lian tan balu ka start nia, ko takang loh hor, balu bo tat jia... 1 kilo ai RM20 leh" (now onli season starts, somemore rainy season, not worth eating now cos RM20/kg)... see, this is one of the reasons i like to buy fr him 'cos he is honest... then i mah warm up my stomach wit "normal no brand" one loh, RM5 for one...

this xmas must reimburse wat i had missed out for 8 months when i north-up!! liulian, i luv u!!!


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