Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Little Dim Sum Place @ SS2

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Read an advert on newspaper bout this restaurant, they r promoting mango tang yuen 芒果汤圆. it's an copied idea from a hk series "ahwong" 阿旺新传. i m curious how the heck mango can b cooked in this chinese traditional syrup soup, so mah giv it a try loh... they got a menu specially for mango craze i.e. mango pancake, mango tangyuen, mango watever. n as the shop name suggests, they serve dim sum, u can read more here.

i m not goin to promote in long paragraph 'cos i hv only 1 word for the restaurant - lousy! lousy in food, lousy in cust svc, lousy in their job distribution, lousy in payment sys etc etc. i ordered 2 mango tangyuen, a pancake, n 1 o 2 dim sum. waited for 30 min w/o giving fuss to them. no one approached me n tell me tat it's out of stock till i the asked a waitress. ok fine, then i mah checked the bill planning to go to the next door 记得食 saimai lou, suddenly i saw my next table who came in much much later than me got 2 mango tangyuen!! LLM, TNS, i mah challenged the waitress y. hehehe... may b i looked like a killer tat time, she wen to the next table n told the couple wrong table, then get that 2 bowls for me (still untouched la). i dunno wan to laugh or angry tat time... i returned one bowl to the couple, tasted the worst tangyuen i ever got in my life, paid, n left to saimai lou.

n it's like heaven n hell comparing these 2 rest. once i got a table in saimai lou, within seconds someone came to take order. within 15min, my food served!

apparently found out the dimsum place was moved from desa sri hartamas to ss2. may b lousy cust svc over there n couldnt survive, so move here to try. i can bet if they nvr learn fr mistakes, giv them 3 months time, they would b looking another new place to move or balik tongsan liao.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Last Minute S'pore Trip Part 2

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After settled dwn at hotel, went to mrt (city hall) wit ezlink card, straight head to orchard stop for my meal - chicken rice. this chic rice was recommended by my frens, sis n cousin. it's called chatterbox in meritus mandarin hotel, bside taka. shopping complex.

Not bad though, compared to other s'pore food which taste like machinery produced food, this one at least got some human-made taste. well to me, s'pore food can NEVER beat m'sia delights! kenot compare wit melaka chic rice 'cos melaka one like 7 series n this one like proton. but frankly, it's worth trying (on company expense) if u r in s'pore since there's no better food. check it out here and here is the atmosphere and the chic rice set...

After filling up my stomach, it's mission time for a friend who asked me to look for SE BT stereo headset . walked out from the rest, planning to go simling square. too bad, it's heavy rain, it's actually no problem for me to catch up the mrt since there is underpass, but out from bugis station i gotta walk outside to reach the IT mall. i waited there for ~30min still heavy rain, then can't wait anymore since i hv dinner wit boss at 8pm. so sorry to the friend, mission failed for this time.

the rediculous thing was, the dinner was cancelled very last min when i arrived at jumbo seafood, 'cos big boss' flight delayed still stucked at klia. if this was known early, then the mission shldn't hv failed!! n i got the chance to shop gadgets!!! ARGGHHHH!!!

anyway, since arrived here, might as well take my dinner. called to the s'pore folk, asked him wat's his recommendation. then ordered chilli crab wit buns, n "Or Ni" as dessert (yam in paste form mixed wit somthing). again, if u r in s'pore, then worth trying (on company expense). else come to klg or go jawi or bkt tambun at northern for better seafood.

after food, dun care liao. order few cans of heineken, minum kuat kuat. hehehehe... luckily i was still able to catch a credit card cab back to hotel n zzZZzzz instantly.

Last Minute S'pore Trip Part 1

~ This blog was migrated from my old site ~

Decided to go last min 'cos of some kiasu reasons, scare to lose out to those kiasu siaolang. hehe... (not gonna explain details)

flight delayed, stucked at lounge for ~2 hrs, managed to finish 4 papers: sinchew, nst, the star n i think malay mail or watever. apparently all flights to/out fr klia all delayed tat day... some folks n managers fr l'kawi oso transit there. may b osama arrive kut??

landed at kiasu island bout 3+ close 4. this time veli amazing race one, i got no single cent of SGD dollars!! onli hv RM73 in my wallet... hehehe... purposely do this see if i can survive wit credit cards.

checked in swissotel, spent some idiot time to look for my room, the idiot reception counter n concierge counter dun understand english!!! i shld hv spoken in singlish. the room card key showed the number 5063, n the reception counter told me go to the 1st lift lobby. when i got in, ok, i pressed 5, i walked out, jia lat!! it's an office, the receptionist saw me wit 2 bags like lari away fr ahlong! nvm, another angmo senior couple oso lost together wit me. so, i went down lobby asked the concierge counter, then the idiot lady pointed me to 3rd lift area, summore pressed the button for me. ok i went in, i stunt there for a while 'cos there's no button showing 5. nvm, since i oledie in n wit other guests, so i pressed the highest number to 38, i walked out. i calmed myself down as i was thinking to buy minyak tanah n lighter, then looked at the card key again, 5063, i din see wrong, then i think think, this is a high rise building, 1st lift lobby pressed 5 brought me to office, 3rd lift lobby no 5 to press, so let me try 2nd lift lobby n see. so i went down. instead of asking those dumbossss, i rather figure it out myself. *ding*, lift opened, i went in. oh got 5 to press! well well well, just now i pressed 5 at 1st lift lobby brought me to holland, i dun think this building that full wit idiots is so hi tech advance to hv 2 diff lift lobby wit 5 to press n bring ppl to diff 5th floor in the same building. so i m not gona to press 5 anymore, never ever again! then i saw 50, i pressed it. within seconds, the lift opened, i walked out n i saw 50XX - 5070 (or somthing) turn right!! finally i got to my room!!! as usual, i always try to look out from the window, to see if i got a nice sight...

I dumped my bags, settled down after walking up n down like treasure hunting, sent email to my member who is checking in later. went out balcony to look look. ohya, u can walk out to the balcony n if u wan, u can jump down. thought of bringing the reception n concierge lady into the room n kick their ass out fr the balcony... anway they r lady, forgetn forgive them.

the nxt morning when i met up wit my member, ha!! he oso got confused by idiots n lift system!! this proved not me idiot but the kiasu ppl! well may b i m not smart but i do recognize my member is, so he kenot understand the lift system built by idiots, so m i the intelligent guy :p