Last Minute S'pore Trip Part 1

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Decided to go last min 'cos of some kiasu reasons, scare to lose out to those kiasu siaolang. hehe... (not gonna explain details)

flight delayed, stucked at lounge for ~2 hrs, managed to finish 4 papers: sinchew, nst, the star n i think malay mail or watever. apparently all flights to/out fr klia all delayed tat day... some folks n managers fr l'kawi oso transit there. may b osama arrive kut??

landed at kiasu island bout 3+ close 4. this time veli amazing race one, i got no single cent of SGD dollars!! onli hv RM73 in my wallet... hehehe... purposely do this see if i can survive wit credit cards.

checked in swissotel, spent some idiot time to look for my room, the idiot reception counter n concierge counter dun understand english!!! i shld hv spoken in singlish. the room card key showed the number 5063, n the reception counter told me go to the 1st lift lobby. when i got in, ok, i pressed 5, i walked out, jia lat!! it's an office, the receptionist saw me wit 2 bags like lari away fr ahlong! nvm, another angmo senior couple oso lost together wit me. so, i went down lobby asked the concierge counter, then the idiot lady pointed me to 3rd lift area, summore pressed the button for me. ok i went in, i stunt there for a while 'cos there's no button showing 5. nvm, since i oledie in n wit other guests, so i pressed the highest number to 38, i walked out. i calmed myself down as i was thinking to buy minyak tanah n lighter, then looked at the card key again, 5063, i din see wrong, then i think think, this is a high rise building, 1st lift lobby pressed 5 brought me to office, 3rd lift lobby no 5 to press, so let me try 2nd lift lobby n see. so i went down. instead of asking those dumbossss, i rather figure it out myself. *ding*, lift opened, i went in. oh got 5 to press! well well well, just now i pressed 5 at 1st lift lobby brought me to holland, i dun think this building that full wit idiots is so hi tech advance to hv 2 diff lift lobby wit 5 to press n bring ppl to diff 5th floor in the same building. so i m not gona to press 5 anymore, never ever again! then i saw 50, i pressed it. within seconds, the lift opened, i walked out n i saw 50XX - 5070 (or somthing) turn right!! finally i got to my room!!! as usual, i always try to look out from the window, to see if i got a nice sight...

I dumped my bags, settled down after walking up n down like treasure hunting, sent email to my member who is checking in later. went out balcony to look look. ohya, u can walk out to the balcony n if u wan, u can jump down. thought of bringing the reception n concierge lady into the room n kick their ass out fr the balcony... anway they r lady, forgetn forgive them.

the nxt morning when i met up wit my member, ha!! he oso got confused by idiots n lift system!! this proved not me idiot but the kiasu ppl! well may b i m not smart but i do recognize my member is, so he kenot understand the lift system built by idiots, so m i the intelligent guy :p


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