Last Minute S'pore Trip Part 2

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After settled dwn at hotel, went to mrt (city hall) wit ezlink card, straight head to orchard stop for my meal - chicken rice. this chic rice was recommended by my frens, sis n cousin. it's called chatterbox in meritus mandarin hotel, bside taka. shopping complex.

Not bad though, compared to other s'pore food which taste like machinery produced food, this one at least got some human-made taste. well to me, s'pore food can NEVER beat m'sia delights! kenot compare wit melaka chic rice 'cos melaka one like 7 series n this one like proton. but frankly, it's worth trying (on company expense) if u r in s'pore since there's no better food. check it out here and here is the atmosphere and the chic rice set...

After filling up my stomach, it's mission time for a friend who asked me to look for SE BT stereo headset . walked out from the rest, planning to go simling square. too bad, it's heavy rain, it's actually no problem for me to catch up the mrt since there is underpass, but out from bugis station i gotta walk outside to reach the IT mall. i waited there for ~30min still heavy rain, then can't wait anymore since i hv dinner wit boss at 8pm. so sorry to the friend, mission failed for this time.

the rediculous thing was, the dinner was cancelled very last min when i arrived at jumbo seafood, 'cos big boss' flight delayed still stucked at klia. if this was known early, then the mission shldn't hv failed!! n i got the chance to shop gadgets!!! ARGGHHHH!!!

anyway, since arrived here, might as well take my dinner. called to the s'pore folk, asked him wat's his recommendation. then ordered chilli crab wit buns, n "Or Ni" as dessert (yam in paste form mixed wit somthing). again, if u r in s'pore, then worth trying (on company expense). else come to klg or go jawi or bkt tambun at northern for better seafood.

after food, dun care liao. order few cans of heineken, minum kuat kuat. hehehehe... luckily i was still able to catch a credit card cab back to hotel n zzZZzzz instantly.


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