Thursday, December 27, 2012

Windows 8 Performance in OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

I blogged on how I ended up with an SSD in my Acer 1810TZ. I then worked out a guide to migrate or clone the contents from the internal hard drive to the newly bought OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD. Following that I replaced the internal HDD with the SSD. Perhaps the final question now is how much performance or ROI (return of investment) I get from this upgrade.

I first took the video to show the boot up and shut down time of HDD. I removed the HDD, replaced it with SSD and re-took the video. And to minimize lag time due to me, I created a local test user with no password for this purpose. Since both HDD and SSD are now identical, the comparison should be apple-to-apple. 

Hit the link to read more.

How To Replace Acer 1810TZ HDD With SSD

This post is about "physical works" replacing the physical internal HDD of Acer 1810TZ with the SSD. Refer here if you're searching guide to migrate/clone the HDD to SSD.

Before you start the work, there is one BIOS setting you might want to pay attention...

I remember the default SATA mode setting was ATA / IDE when I bought this lappy. I think I had to fresh-install Windows 7 after I changed to AHCI. If this is true, I would think you probably want to clone the HDD, change to AHCI and re-install Windows. The SSD works with ATA mode but AHCI enables the native TRIM support in Windows and improve performance (according to some technical write ups).

Nevertheless, I assume the SSD is ready for a swap (if not refer here). Let's get started!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Migrate From HDD to SSD For Acer 1810TZ

I didn't plan to upgrade the HDD of Acer 1810TZ to SSD. However, the deal I got from Newegg Malaysia was too good to turn down. Why OCZ Vertex 4? I did not study and compare the different SSD models, one of my friends did the study and concluded that Vertex 4 with Indilinx chip is the best performer as system disk (to run operating system) among other SSDs. So I can't provide the technicalities about SSD, instead jump straight blogging on installing it onto my lappy Acer 1810TZ. Although it's specific to 1810TZ, this guide is applicable to other lappy as well.

You can definitely go ahead replace the HDD with SSD if you do not bother keeping the hidden recovery partition and want to do a fresh install. If otherwise like me, this post guides you through on migrating the entire HDD contents to the SSD without doing fresh install. Hit the link to read more.

MotoActv: RIP

You probably could feel my excitement over my new toy, MotoActv for the past few months. No more. I am here to announce its passing.

It's was one of the good days that I went out riding. Halfway it rained and I headed back to my house which was just about 3km away. MotoActv was exposed to the rain for that distance.

At night, it was my habit to juice up all my daily gadgets including MotoActv...

The next day morning, I was greeted with this screen when trying to power it up...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SeaSucker Mini Bomber

There are basically 2 options to carry bikes with your car: the roof rack like Thule or Yakima rack systems or the rear mount bike carriers like the BnB I shared months ago...

I prefer the rear mount than the roof rack simply because of aesthetics. I don't want to feel like driving a truck all times with a rack sits on top of me (no offense to those rack owners). I also learned that the rack impacts fuel consumption. That means a lot to me as I have to commute 100km daily. One last reason was I might be changing my car soon or later and I don't want to re-invest another expensive rack system.

My BnB is serving me well. But I have a plan in brewing which BnB bike carrier may not fit into (I will share when the time comes) and therefore here come my new bike gadget, just in time as my X'mas present...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Cheap Flash Light From Fun N Cheer

Flashlight is a critical tool when going night ride, be it on road or offroad. I bought a flashlight from the LBS along with my bike as I didn't have time to shop online and look around other stores...

The flashlight is built with good quality but does not last long (likely due to the poor quality 18650 battery). I planned to get a replacement since then. I was recommended Fenix flashlight by a friend who collects flashlights as hobby, and the other recommended Magic Shine, as well as many affordable varieties at  or in short. In one of an easy days, I stumbled upon Fun N Cheer 中国风 when I brought my niece there for some cheap toy shopping. I found a China made flashlight... 

Newegg Malaysia

Yes, no typo nor mistake in the post title. Newegg is now in Malaysia!

This probably not a breaking news to local gadget geeks, but it might worth a read if you're still skeptical over its authenticity. 

Initially I was skeptical when I heard about it from my friend. Some "CSI searches" on the company such as WHOIS, ROS etc seems to prove the company is legitimate. At that point of time, I got "page cannot be found" error when pointed the browser to the official website This definitely looked suspicious. I then sent an enquiry to Newegg HQ and here's the reply...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Windows 8 Media Center

Many may confuse with its name. Windows Media Center is NOT Windows Media Player WMP. In short, typical end users only use WMP to playback supported multimedia files whereas Windows Media Center is used by advanced users for Home Theater Personal Computer HTPC.

In Windows 7 Home Premium and above, you get Windows Media Center out-of-box. Unfortunately, this feature is removed in Windows 8 and it is sold separately for USD$69.99. I would have asked you to think twice if you plan to upgrade your Win7 HTPC to Win8 (or if you use Windows Media Center extensively), but now I am asking you to think no more! You can get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free now! Read more after the break.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Old Memories, New Collection

Lego, a brand that is so well known to everyone. The brick toy brand is gaining its popularity in Malaysia with its first international theme park in Asia, Legoland that just begun its operations not long ago. 

Shell, a brand that is also well known to everyone. I believe it's the second largest petrol retailer in Malaysia after the National Petrol Company, Petronas.

Ferrari, do I need to intro this brand?

Now, when these three companies come jointly, this is what we get...

Ferrari Lego toys by Shell!

Shell Malaysia is now having a promotion campaign that you can buy these toys from RM10.90 in this small packet...