Saturday, May 26, 2012

I ♥ Hong Kong 2012

JK will be out of office. No, should be JK will be out of blog. Who cares about office, let that Soh Hai suffers with all undone tasks (the price to pay when one screwed someone who did not make any mistake).

Out where? It's time for a trip, what's more is a family trip!! Planning a trip with many family members is always a challenge. Luckily my family ain't a big hierarchy tree. The most difficult part is to align everyone's schedule, not only adults but also the kids! Whether this kid has holiday boot camp, or that kid has holiday special class etc etc. In fact, this trip has been discussed for quite some time, and glad that we're able to make it, finally.

Like the post title suggests, the destination is Hong Kong...

Synology DSM 4.0 Upgrade

Everyone likes software or firmware upgrades. From iOS4 to iOS5, from Android GB to ICS etc. Same goes to Synology NAS. I am like everyone but after years learning from bad experience, nowadays I don't jump into the bandwagon to upgrade when a firmware is freshly released. I am more concerned over my data than getting new features.

Synology recently released DSM 4.0. 3 releases/patches have been announced under DSM version 4.0. After much study from others' experiences, I reckon it's safe for me to upgrade. This post is the summary of my study, I thought it's worthy to share if you are deciding to upgrade or not. Hit the read more link for more.

KFC, So Good? No Confuse.

I blogged about free meal from KFC at Tesco Setia Alam in my previous post. I wasn't interested in grabbing the free meal at all, after all it's just a kid meal and I gotta wake up early if I want to take it. Well, perhaps I am really cheapskate, I woke up 8am today! LoL! For the meal? Nay, it's actually for other personal matters. :)

Since I am awake, I detoured to Tesco Setia Alam around 9am while going out to run some errants. I like to find out whether it's a Chicky meal or cheaty meal. Upon reaching, I was welcomed by KFC like this...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

KFC, So Good? So Confuse?

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the international well known fast food restaurant. It became a hot topic in BullehLand recently because of this YouTube...

I didn't really ban it like others suggested in the social networks 'cause I don't frequent the fast food restaurant, not even once a year (I prefer the fried chicken by Yo Yo Ice). With so many KFC surrounding me, there is one at the shop area, there is one in Tesco Setia Alam and now there is one in 2-day old SCM. How to attract customers with so close range competition?

Everyone loves free stuff, so the best attraction will be...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MotoActv: MotoCast

If you follow my post on the initial setup of MotoActv sport watch, this is the follow up post on setting up MotoCast software that enables sync of training data, music and WiFi setting. MotoCast is also required for profile setup. Read it, the ".com" prefix indicates that it's to setup an online user/trainee profile at, not the MotoActv personal profile I covered in the previous post. The last thing that I reckon is the most important use of MotoCast - the firmware upgrade, which I will cover a little more details in this post.

If it sounds like a long and complex process, worry not. Motorola did a good job making sure the entire installation process is seamless and plug and play. Just plug MotoActv onto the PC (make sure it's connected to internet) using the supplied micro USB cable...

MotoActv: Initial Setup

Before you're able to use the watch right after the unbox, some initial setup is required to personalize the watch so that it can accurately track you activities. The out-of-box juice might not be sufficient for you to complete the setup (as mentioned in the 1st post), you probably want to charge it while completing the setup.

First is to choose the country and language...

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

First of all, credits to suwandiapr who created this rooting process in XDA. This post is a repeat of that thread in XDA forum, I am rewriting the steps in a more descriptive manner and supplement the step with photo making it more layman friendly. Hopefully it helps readers who are not IT-literate to be more confident rooting their Tab. Why root your Tab? Perhaps you're still lucky that you have not encountered the softbrick problem, head to my previous post for details. For the very least reason, you need rooted device to run Titanium Backup (TB).

I also like to share that this is not the definite way to root the Tab. There is one or two other method but I find this is the easiest and portable way of rooting. I don't need a PC, any other software like Android SDK or ODIN or Samsung Kies. Imagine you're on the move and the softbrick problem strikes, you can still restore the Tab by 4 simple steps:
  1. Factory reset
  2. Root it (with this simple step)
  3. Install SuperUser and TB (either side load or from Play store)
  4. Restore to previous state using TB
Voila! The Tab is back to normal (provided the backup is up to date).

Let's start. The root process is not complex at all, it's a 3 simple steps process:
  1. Download the root package.
  2. Install the root package (the rooting process).
  3. Install SuperUser.
1st step, make sure the Tab has sufficient power for entire rooting process. Then head to suwandiapr's thread to download or direct link here. Save the zip file to the root of the micro SD card in the Tab, or /sdcard/extStorages/SdCard folder...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

SGT7.7 Softbricked!

I never shy to reiterate my loss of confidence on Korean products. After N years of banning Korean products, I finally have no choice but to own my very first Korean product which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800. This Korean made tablet has come under my possession for a mere month plus and the low-quality syndrome has shown up...

What's wrong with above? It is just the ordinary boot screen, right? I even praised its deep black level of the Super AMOLED Plus display. That's correct, well, but what if the device suddenly reboots by itself to this screen while you're using it? What if the device stuck at this boot screen forever and soon you realize the device starting to heat up in your palm? And what if you can never turn it off and reboot?

That's the softbrick symptom of this very top end product by Samsung. 

Welcome, if you land on this post because you're experiencing the same and panickingly looking for solution. I am just like you and other Sammy product owners, but I guess I am a little fortunate that I have a solution to it. Check it out after the break.

Spy Shot: What Car Is This?

In one fine morning of few days ago, few minutes to seven, I was on the NKVE highway heading to Duta Toll for work. I was cruising along the slow (left most) lane. A black car was zig-zagging between the fast and 2nd lane caught my attention. The driver attempted few times to overtake cars in front but failed. I was sneering at the driver, he did not "learn" the Malaysia traffic culture where the "supposed" fast lane (right most) is the slowest lane with many idiotic road hoggers driving at their own sweet speed especially in this early hour. But soon after I realized the car wasn't any ordinary car. It's got many black tapes on the body, seemingly trying to cover it's body design. This discovery charged up my adrenalin, I quickly changed to the fast lane tailgating this black car. I managed to snap the rear of it...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

MotoActv: Unboxed

There is no problem in buying gadgets after gadgets, as long as your financial affordability allows the spending. However, with more gadgets at home, you might incline to stay at home most of (if not all) the times. With all the gadgets I possessed, especially with the in-house cinema,  I am tricked into the exact situation. I warned myself, this is not healthy and I must work something to escape from this!

Geek is still a geek, I can't run away from being a geek when looking for an escape solution. :") As a result, it's still a "gadgety" method which might help me stay out of gadgets/home and stay healthily...