How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

First of all, credits to suwandiapr who created this rooting process in XDA. This post is a repeat of that thread in XDA forum, I am rewriting the steps in a more descriptive manner and supplement the step with photo making it more layman friendly. Hopefully it helps readers who are not IT-literate to be more confident rooting their Tab. Why root your Tab? Perhaps you're still lucky that you have not encountered the softbrick problem, head to my previous post for details. For the very least reason, you need rooted device to run Titanium Backup (TB).

I also like to share that this is not the definite way to root the Tab. There is one or two other method but I find this is the easiest and portable way of rooting. I don't need a PC, any other software like Android SDK or ODIN or Samsung Kies. Imagine you're on the move and the softbrick problem strikes, you can still restore the Tab by 4 simple steps:
  1. Factory reset
  2. Root it (with this simple step)
  3. Install SuperUser and TB (either side load or from Play store)
  4. Restore to previous state using TB
Voila! The Tab is back to normal (provided the backup is up to date).

Let's start. The root process is not complex at all, it's a 3 simple steps process:
  1. Download the root package.
  2. Install the root package (the rooting process).
  3. Install SuperUser.
1st step, make sure the Tab has sufficient power for entire rooting process. Then head to suwandiapr's thread to download or direct link here. Save the zip file to the root of the micro SD card in the Tab, or /sdcard/extStorages/SdCard folder...

Power off/shut down the Tab. Wait for a vibration notification before power it up again. Press and hold volume up button and power button simultaneously to power it up into recovery mode...

You will be greeted with screen above. Select apply update from external storage (using volume up/down button to move up and down, use power button to select/execute)...


The rooting begins instantly and complete in seconds (about 10 seconds for me)...

Select reboot system now once you see "install from sdcard complete" message. 

Last step - go to Play Store, download the SuperUser (or sideload it if you have a backup apk). Once installed, open it at least once (this is crucial).

Now the Tab is rooted!

To verify it, install and open software that requires root access, for instance, the Titanium Backup or Root Explorer. Select "Allow" when you get a prompt like below requesting root access...

I am using ES File Explorer since it is free. It's a file explorer as well as root explorer if you enable the feature.

If you use this root process, you probably will get a prompt shown below when open TB...

Just press "Yes, do it" to update the permission level. Reboot the Tab before you continue to use TB for backup/restore.

Finally, make a complete backup before the softbrick problem haunts you!

p/s: this procedure seems workable for other Tab models, at least proven with Tab 8.9 according to suwandiapr. You can try at your own risk.


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