Spy Shot: What Car Is This?

In one fine morning of few days ago, few minutes to seven, I was on the NKVE highway heading to Duta Toll for work. I was cruising along the slow (left most) lane. A black car was zig-zagging between the fast and 2nd lane caught my attention. The driver attempted few times to overtake cars in front but failed. I was sneering at the driver, he did not "learn" the Malaysia traffic culture where the "supposed" fast lane (right most) is the slowest lane with many idiotic road hoggers driving at their own sweet speed especially in this early hour. But soon after I realized the car wasn't any ordinary car. It's got many black tapes on the body, seemingly trying to cover it's body design. This discovery charged up my adrenalin, I quickly changed to the fast lane tailgating this black car. I managed to snap the rear of it...

What car is this? Part of the brake light was taped and obviously the big logo as well.

I think I found the match after a round of Google at PaulTan site...

Looks like it's the Peugeot 408, not the first time spotted in "mask".

It's kinda fun to be "paparazi" like this, well at least I wasn't felt asleep that morning after all. LoL.

Get your camera ready in the car if you like to spy. :)


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