I ♥ Hong Kong 2012

JK will be out of office. No, should be JK will be out of blog. Who cares about office, let that Soh Hai suffers with all undone tasks (the price to pay when one screwed someone who did not make any mistake).

Out where? It's time for a trip, what's more is a family trip!! Planning a trip with many family members is always a challenge. Luckily my family ain't a big hierarchy tree. The most difficult part is to align everyone's schedule, not only adults but also the kids! Whether this kid has holiday boot camp, or that kid has holiday special class etc etc. In fact, this trip has been discussed for quite some time, and glad that we're able to make it, finally.

Like the post title suggests, the destination is Hong Kong...

Ya, family members flying from 2 different countries to the same destination (you would imagine how much extra efforts needed in planning). 

Why HK? Simple, adult - shopping and food; kids - Disney, optional Ocean Park. I also like to visit one of my colleagues there who was hit by road accident recently. A good buddy in work (oh ya, I must remember to buy gift tomorrow!!).

Weather is always critical during travel, either turning the vacation a joyful or a miserable one. Let's check...

Look like we're gonna to have rapid change in climate, hot, rain etc. Everyone says it's not a good time to travel to HK now due to its weather, but we get the same weather here too, aren't we? All the kids were heavy sick recently due to the weather and are recovering. Hopefully that boasts their immune system and makes them stronger to withstand the weather in HK.

OK, time to pack. Forget about Jacko.MY, forget about work (and that Soh Hai), and forget about my depression in work (yes, doctor said I am in early symptom of depression). Enjoy the family happiness.

You too, enjoy! If you also have a trip/vacation. :)

p/s: Soh Hai = bitch


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