Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jacko.MY New Design

Google or Blogger just rolled out new blogger or blogspot platform. It's in beta for past months and I tried it once, I liked it because of enhancements over some frequently used features. For instance, the "Link" feature now includes "open in new window" option as oppose to I had to modify the html code for each link I inserted into the posts. Unfortunately, it was still beta, not all features (that I used) available at that point of time. Plus, I had too many customization. As a result, I had to revert to Classic dashboard and template.

I then took some time during my leave to remove unnecessary customization, refresh my knowledge over some custom scripts I use. After some tests, finally, Jacko.MY is on the new Blogger platform with new design template and dashboard...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rock Light & Cool Case for SGT7.7 P6800

Very often you don't just buy only the gadget, you have to spare some money for its accessories as well. For a phone or tablet, very common that screen protector and protective case are the next immediate accessories you buy, perhaps storage card as well.

So am I for my first tablet, the Tab7.7. I have my micro SD card ready before my purchase and I bought the so called "Samsung Genuine OEM" screen protector along with the tablet from Samsung Mid Valley, the brand is AUC laying on the left side...

I was charged RM98 for that thin piece of sheet. I was skeptical due to its price but was happy with the result, the sheet does not compromise or degrade the AMOLED display.

What about the case? I am a minimalist. If possible, I just want the Tab to be bare bone, light and easy but it's too prone to fall and break especially my nieces will also be using it for YouTube and games. And I want them to watch YouTube distantly, not holding close to the eyes, therefore I need a case that can stand by its own, perhaps something like the Apple's Smart Case. I finally found one after much time spent on the net to look for a perfect one...

Friday, April 13, 2012

My First Tablet, Sammy SGT7.7

人在江湖, 身不由己.

That translates to "one has to compromise in this world". Put this into gadget perspective, one might have no choice but to buy a gadget that one dosn't like (the brand) but it matches the requirements.

My friends know I don't buy Korean products. From TV, phone and to any gadgets. But undeniably that Samsung is just like the old time Sony, owning one might make one feels proud, or to the very least one might feel owning one is inevitable and that's exactly how I feel now - I can't run away. Consequently, I finally possess a tablet, and finally I end up with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800...