Sunday, August 26, 2007

Proton or Potong

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Go to u will see the pride n joy of msian, as what was proudly declared by the MD of proton, the car tat has been waiting long by msians... i m msian, did i feel proud??!! did i wait for it??! hhmm...

Nice o not, all up to individual la, the beauty is in the eyes of beholders mah... but anyhow i dunno how to appreciate the art of msian, i m msian tho...

Anyway, here's another msia BULLeh achievement fr this pride n joy car... ok now, let's play a game, spot the difference!!! fr the email i received, it claimed to be a real unit, display car in kuching sale room...

can spot o not??? if kenot, then zoom in...

a highly innovative and advanced technology by msian's car maker, proton! 2 fuel tanks in the car and hence 2 fuel gauges on the dash!

Another William Hung

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He is UK William Hung... quite same face hor... but this one realli talented one, even sang in front of engkok queen!! he won the 1st place for tat show, british's got talent.

a handphone salesman bcome celeb now...

semi final


n now he is sony bmg singer!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

About 明志 NameWee

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Yday zzz till 4am woke up kenot zzz, so google surf browse, follow up on poor thing namewee. today mc, so just spend sometime writing this to provide a "complete coverage" for the whole story... hehehe... so when ppl 8 / gossip, i can "haolianly" provide more insight.

this is the hit n heat topic currently being discussed widely in this bullehland, the news oso covered in yahoo, tw paper media and tv... fr a simple rap song bout muar, to something more aggressive where you can watch it in his site, then this topic hangat. not only limited to china babi, but CIMB all also discussing about this topic together... my fw (he is malay!!) even sang it wit yor yor dance in the opis!!! he said take it easy la... what so sensitive??

it's about our lovely culture, the G is smart to distract the attention to religion... make it sensitive... n i guess the poor thing was forced to apologize for family safety n peace reason, see wat a good blame by the G... well, no matter wat the ending is, he oledie made the truth known by the world, ppl recognize him n putting him onto wikipedia (here n here) to acknowledge his bravo speak out.

bside tat, some net frens brought up a truth out of this topic, which also another typical msian character - COPYCAT... listen to below, it's not a make over or clone, it's original genuine song tat was believed france/hawaii is the origin... read this to understand how we anak msia pirated angmo's song n proudly sing it as our National Athem! by the history, fr a "si-ai-bin" culture, but no talent to compose a unique anthem for our country, and at the end take the easy out by declaring a popular oldie song to bcome our anthem! dun u see this cycle is repeating everyday surrounding you in this bullehland?? i just wonder if tat time 热情的沙漠 o 今天不回家 is popular among rakyat, could it b our "possible" anthem??? so nxt time dun simpli sing our National Anthem outside of msia, someone may ask u for copyright!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Michael Jackson

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Rule of game: u must finish the 1st movie b4 play the 2nd one, then onli it can cheer u up...

Saturday, August 11, 2007


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Everyone knows CIMB... if not everyone, at least msian la...

since i m not in banking industry, nor financial related fields, nor do i hv any saving acct wit this bank as i m not loaded at all...

so wat to do wit this blog??? no no no... (if u thought so) it's not another complain blog bout this bank or watsoever... hehehe.... it's a joke fr my fw... oh, fw = firewall... he is someone veli powerful one in my opis, everyone scares him when he talks o ask u Qs... hehehe... y call him fw? cos i m well protected bhind him ever since he joined my group... sort of my door god 门神, no body can simply come n bully me, an innocent n humble boy. oh, fw celebrates Hari Raya.

then i got a new experienced hire joined my group last wed... initially he tok i was his manager... 'cos the admin asst hv to refer me for all his requests b4 it gets sent out... wat to do??!! i m like a HR personnel now mentoring a new baby, breastfeeding 'cos his boss asked me to help, so now i m doing manager job but get paid only with kuli wage... but not so bad la, this new guy abit sengmok oso, meet my initial expectation abit, tho he failed a simple test i tested on him on very first day... way long to judge tho... oh, this guy celebrates deepavali.

we r still looking for another one to fill in the job... once we got the "right" candidate, then we will form our "banking" group to compete wit real CIMB group... so how to determine the right candidate?? look at CIMB as our main criteria, now we got Chinese (me), we got Indian (new hire), we got Malay (my fw), n we r looking for a Bangkali!!!

so if u got any bangkali fren veli good in talk cocking, expert in conning people, talent in insulting people, kill people like kill ant wit no mercy, u can ask him/her contact me to join my group as "con-sult-ant"...