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Yday zzz till 4am woke up kenot zzz, so google surf browse, follow up on poor thing namewee. today mc, so just spend sometime writing this to provide a "complete coverage" for the whole story... hehehe... so when ppl 8 / gossip, i can "haolianly" provide more insight.

this is the hit n heat topic currently being discussed widely in this bullehland, the news oso covered in yahoo, tw paper media and tv... fr a simple rap song bout muar, to something more aggressive where you can watch it in his site, then this topic hangat. not only limited to china babi, but CIMB all also discussing about this topic together... my fw (he is malay!!) even sang it wit yor yor dance in the opis!!! he said take it easy la... what so sensitive??

it's about our lovely culture, the G is smart to distract the attention to religion... make it sensitive... n i guess the poor thing was forced to apologize for family safety n peace reason, see wat a good blame by the G... well, no matter wat the ending is, he oledie made the truth known by the world, ppl recognize him n putting him onto wikipedia (here n here) to acknowledge his bravo speak out.

bside tat, some net frens brought up a truth out of this topic, which also another typical msian character - COPYCAT... listen to below, it's not a make over or clone, it's original genuine song tat was believed france/hawaii is the origin... read this to understand how we anak msia pirated angmo's song n proudly sing it as our National Athem! by the history, fr a "si-ai-bin" culture, but no talent to compose a unique anthem for our country, and at the end take the easy out by declaring a popular oldie song to bcome our anthem! dun u see this cycle is repeating everyday surrounding you in this bullehland?? i just wonder if tat time 热情的沙漠 o 今天不回家 is popular among rakyat, could it b our "possible" anthem??? so nxt time dun simpli sing our National Anthem outside of msia, someone may ask u for copyright!


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