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Everyone knows CIMB... if not everyone, at least msian la...

since i m not in banking industry, nor financial related fields, nor do i hv any saving acct wit this bank as i m not loaded at all...

so wat to do wit this blog??? no no no... (if u thought so) it's not another complain blog bout this bank or watsoever... hehehe.... it's a joke fr my fw... oh, fw = firewall... he is someone veli powerful one in my opis, everyone scares him when he talks o ask u Qs... hehehe... y call him fw? cos i m well protected bhind him ever since he joined my group... sort of my door god 门神, no body can simply come n bully me, an innocent n humble boy. oh, fw celebrates Hari Raya.

then i got a new experienced hire joined my group last wed... initially he tok i was his manager... 'cos the admin asst hv to refer me for all his requests b4 it gets sent out... wat to do??!! i m like a HR personnel now mentoring a new baby, breastfeeding 'cos his boss asked me to help, so now i m doing manager job but get paid only with kuli wage... but not so bad la, this new guy abit sengmok oso, meet my initial expectation abit, tho he failed a simple test i tested on him on very first day... way long to judge tho... oh, this guy celebrates deepavali.

we r still looking for another one to fill in the job... once we got the "right" candidate, then we will form our "banking" group to compete wit real CIMB group... so how to determine the right candidate?? look at CIMB as our main criteria, now we got Chinese (me), we got Indian (new hire), we got Malay (my fw), n we r looking for a Bangkali!!!

so if u got any bangkali fren veli good in talk cocking, expert in conning people, talent in insulting people, kill people like kill ant wit no mercy, u can ask him/her contact me to join my group as "con-sult-ant"...


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