Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Houston Again~

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Again... as title of this blog tells, I was on business trip to the this lifeless boring main land AGAIN! It was a rush to me: I landed home from my Sipadan trip ~1am, and my flight to the Houston was 10am! Further, I have other personal agenda to accomplish before I fly: ONLINE SHOPPING!! This is the only thing I enjoy and hate most to fly there, enjoy because I can get what I want in cheaper price (and can't get it in KL), hate it because it always burns a big hole in my pocket and wallet!! See what I got from there... hehe :p

This time I wasn't alone anymore, though I preferred to travel alone, I was with another 3 colleagues... The trip was joyful anyhow, we've got good meals, good gadget exploration (gadgets that not available in KL yet) and shopping here and there.

In 1 occasion, since this was the first time for one of them to fly to US, he was a little curious on a shop that we passed by every morning when drive to office. Just to kill his curiosity, I dropped by after dinner on one of the nights. This wasn't my first time to visit such shops, but I never took photos, so this time I took some, perhaps to "excite" you to view... hehe~

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pulau Sipadan Part 2

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This blog can be considered a migration from old site, but the content is brand new: the photos were from the old site whereas the text is new. I just wanna share some of the photos I like most from my very first time experience of underwater photography in Pulau Sipadan. Above is the panorama view of Pulau Mabul from Sea Venture (below) and some UW photos. The last 2 were a bit tricky, it's pink and red pygmy sea horse respectively, so challenge your eyes to spot it. Not that difficult though, both are right at the center of the photo.

Oh~ I missed UW!! It's coming 1 year that I have not dived!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pulau Sipadan Part 1

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This wasn't the 1st time, but it was different from previous trip. we din go to the island on the same day. instead, we stayed at the jetty area, which the resort is similar concept like PD Avilion i.e. water chalet wit "open" bath room... but it is way better than Avilion, at least the water is not milo color...

Anyhow, if u happen to stay thr in the future, b prepared to get out to hv your own bfast... the included bfast is only roti bakar + kopi, which is nice to me but quantity only can cover my throat, stomach still empty...

Dun say i bluff u, talk cock bull shit, we saw manta ray (in case u dunno wat is manta, click here) at jetty, even b4 we dive!!! but we were not excited, instead damn tulan (angry) wit what we saw! look at photos below, taken when out for bfast:

Kanneh, jin yausiu (vulgary~)... those were illegal fishing!! Not 1 manta, but tens of them!!! Our powerful dive instructor was veli upset n would do something (o oledie did something) to report this, she got "connection" to some authority. Just wonder how effective those authority bosses would take action... u'd know la, this is msia, the bulleh land, not anywhr else in the world...

Anyway, it's just the begininng of the trip, so we tend to forget it... let's back to the trip.. we got a warmth welcome by the boss at the resort, we dun even need to carry our bags to the jetty, got a VVVVIP svc tat the boss ride the boat rite in front of the resort to pick us up, thumb up!!

Arrived at the platform ~11+am... n immediately got our chk out dive (o orientation dive) underneath the platform... yoohoo~

This was also the 1st time I took photo underwater, hope to see improvement in 4 days time...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vacancy: Work 2 Hours Daily Only

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Who want to work in this bank??? Only 2 hours a day working time.