Houston Again~

~ This blog was migrated from my old site but it's been rewritten ~

Again... as title of this blog tells, I was on business trip to the this lifeless boring main land AGAIN! It was a rush to me: I landed home from my Sipadan trip ~1am, and my flight to the Houston was 10am! Further, I have other personal agenda to accomplish before I fly: ONLINE SHOPPING!! This is the only thing I enjoy and hate most to fly there, enjoy because I can get what I want in cheaper price (and can't get it in KL), hate it because it always burns a big hole in my pocket and wallet!! See what I got from there... hehe :p

This time I wasn't alone anymore, though I preferred to travel alone, I was with another 3 colleagues... The trip was joyful anyhow, we've got good meals, good gadget exploration (gadgets that not available in KL yet) and shopping here and there.

In 1 occasion, since this was the first time for one of them to fly to US, he was a little curious on a shop that we passed by every morning when drive to office. Just to kill his curiosity, I dropped by after dinner on one of the nights. This wasn't my first time to visit such shops, but I never took photos, so this time I took some, perhaps to "excite" you to view... hehe~


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