Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yeeha! Ninja Joe

You may wonder why the banner tone sounds so unbelievable (yes, really!). That's indeed a true reaction of many when saw the banner, especially pork lover like me. Over here there wasn't a single fast food restaurant that served pork burgers, until this Ninja Joe...

Oh, that uncle wasn't the Ninja Joe nor the mascot of the restaurant, he's been standing there with that posture for more than 5 minutes (duh!). Do you have to think so long to ear a pork burger?!

Moved in to order my burgers...

click to enlarge

Total of 6 flavors: original, teriyaki, black pepper, oriental, sweet and sour and spicy. Got myself a pair, the original and teriyaki. I've been told before that the burger is much smaller than McD's and it's about the size of White Castle's. Oh yeah, if you're local here, do you still remember this fast food restaurant? It was here when I was kid and unfortunately closed down in just a short period of time.

The first photo is the original and second is the teriyaki. It's the same burger but the latter is nourished with teriyaki source. Inside the burger...

Simple ingredients, tomato, vege, the pork and mayonnaise.

The burgers taste good but I reckon the pork can be bettered with more spices, perhaps it's just starting and will improve over time. Nevertheless, I will certainly return to try the other 4 flavors.

This burger shop is located in TCM Tropicana City Mall. Good news to pork lovers, it's just expanded its first branch in Sunway Pyramid.

Tony Roma's, when are you serving my favorite baby back in this BullehLand?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

English S.O.S

English is the international language, no doubt about it.

I am Chinese-ed and I love my mother tongue very much. But I have to learn and polish my English skill to survive in this globalization era. Especially working in an MNC that I have to communicate in English verbally and in written like email. I do spend time to review and revise my emails before I send them out making sure I maintain my "English quality" (grammar and spelling) and "professionalism" (no personal emotion etc) as the recipients at the other end of the globe (whom I've never met face to face) would judge me based on the email.

Like our ex-PM said, "world class infrastructure, third class maintenance". Sometimes Malaysians tend to have "tidak apa" (never mind) attitude. As long as the job gets done, who cares? This is why you can see slip outs around your surrounding quite often, like what I posted on "MalEnglish" 2 years ago. Probably the person in charge was "tidak apa" as long as the notice was out in time.

Because of that post, I was rewarded by British Council...

It's a reward from a campaign called English S.O.S initiated by English Rescue Team ERT in British Council. If your entry is selected like mine, you will be rewarded a RM50 MPH gift voucher...

And if you're luckier, there's more to grab...

So start sending your entries to English S.O.S website. You just have to be a little observant to spot such "MalEnglish". Like I said, it's not that difficult since we have third class mentality here, you can easily spot such even in high class places and tourist attractions like I did in Pavilion KL.

Let's make our society to speak not only good Bahasa Malaysia and mother tongue, but also better English. Let's show to the world we're the cultured and educated nation.

By the way, do click on this link to support me :) Likewise, post your link and I will support yours. I don't know if the iPod has been given out as the campaign is not a transparent but closed contest where no announcement is made for the winners.


UPS, not the well know global logistics company but uninterruptible power supply. It's the most neglected gadget by many since you don't really see it everyday (if you keep it under the table), you don't play with it everyday like your phone and PS3, you don't even realize its existence if there's no power incident. Therefore many people do not invest in it.

I have been using one since 7-8 years ago...

An APC Smart-UPS 1000VA UPS. The PC shop owner even laughed at me when I told him "I have an APC UPS at home". Ya, at that time I could buy another decent PC with its price. It's not only because of the reserved power but also other insurance I get out of it, check out the wiki to learn about the common power problems, a good UPS will protect your gadgets from all these power problems. I am pretty confident that you would raise both of your hands and legs to agree with me on the "power quality" delivered to our house by the national sole electricity provider TNB.

Recently, this long serving gadget has finally alarmed me that the batteries need to be replaced. I went out survey on the price and found out the APC genuine battery replacement pack cost me RM500+, I decided to give a pass and looked for alternative...

The UPS needs 2 packs of this battery. Similar specification (12V 12AH) to the original but cost me only around RM130.

Open up the battery compartment...

Slot in the batteries and make sure the batteries are connected with right polarity. Power it up to verify...

Good to go. Note down the date of replacement before seal up the compartment...

Ya. This post was dated 9 months ago :P

Look at this...

The amber LED indicates input power is higher than the rated voltage and the UPS is doing its job as AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to regulate the source down to the specification i.e. 220V. This is not an occasional surge or spike but it happens all the time!! Imagine yourself on an electrical chair, your gadgets are suffering the same without UPS! The is what I meant the "quality" of TNB's service.

Get yourself one, the price for entry level UPS is now much more affordable than a decade ago.

Motorola XT720 (Continued)

Size is also one of the criteria that I consider when deciding a phone. However, there is not many options if you're into smart phone.

Let's have a look on XT720 lying side by side with other phones...

With c902...

It's more or less identical in 2 dimensions, the height and the depth (thickness) but XT720 is wider to house a 3.7" screen.

It's almost identical with XT800 in all 3 dimensions, with XT800 slightly higher and wider with it curvy form factor.

How about iPhone?

iPhone 2G is thicker. I forgot to take photo with the 4G, both are almost identical though.

Many ask me the impression on Android. It's a good open platform that can really challenge the dominance of iPhone and Windows Mobile (used to be). However, without a driver to lead the direction, the roadmap of where Android wants to position itself is unclear. To position itself as an entertainment / multimedia platform like iPhone? IMHO, it still tails Apple very much behind, though Android Market has marked 100,000 applications but how many of them are really the quality applications and compatible with various devices not only a single model? One may conduct a survey to see how many would buy Galaxy Tab over iPad, at least I got 100% vote on the latter within my social ring. "Tab is nice but is not as impressive as iPad", that's the response from them.

As a productivity tool like Windows Mobile used to be? Without the integration with Outlook, how do majority of the users (with Outlook) to sync or port over their data to the Android platform? Google might be attempting to promote cloud computing to keep user data such as contacts in the cloud, I reckon it wouldn't be a success without a proper transition tool and window for users to adapt to. With Windows Phone 7 coming strong after the debut launch a month ago and so far clowned with all positive reviews and promising applications, I guess quite a number of Android users (if you google Outlook sync and read out the forums) might jump ship if they found WP7 could deliver what they want.

Nevertheless, I still hold on to this XT720 Android phone regardless of missing pieces that I used to have with my WinMo and even the typical mobile phone platform c902. I almost grabbed myself a Steve Job's baby, iPhone 4 (remember I like squarish design?) but pulled hand break after the Antenna Gate. Now I am looking forward for WP7, hopefully I could experience one in my upcoming trip to HK.

By the way, you may try this if you want to sync your text-only contacts from Outlook to Google or this if you have photo in the contacts. There are few more like SyncMyCall and OGG Sync which may do better job with a little premium to pay.