Yeeha! Ninja Joe

You may wonder why the banner tone sounds so unbelievable (yes, really!). That's indeed a true reaction of many when saw the banner, especially pork lover like me. Over here there wasn't a single fast food restaurant that served pork burgers, until this Ninja Joe...

Oh, that uncle wasn't the Ninja Joe nor the mascot of the restaurant, he's been standing there with that posture for more than 5 minutes (duh!). Do you have to think so long to ear a pork burger?!

Moved in to order my burgers...

click to enlarge

Total of 6 flavors: original, teriyaki, black pepper, oriental, sweet and sour and spicy. Got myself a pair, the original and teriyaki. I've been told before that the burger is much smaller than McD's and it's about the size of White Castle's. Oh yeah, if you're local here, do you still remember this fast food restaurant? It was here when I was kid and unfortunately closed down in just a short period of time.

The first photo is the original and second is the teriyaki. It's the same burger but the latter is nourished with teriyaki source. Inside the burger...

Simple ingredients, tomato, vege, the pork and mayonnaise.

The burgers taste good but I reckon the pork can be bettered with more spices, perhaps it's just starting and will improve over time. Nevertheless, I will certainly return to try the other 4 flavors.

This burger shop is located in TCM Tropicana City Mall. Good news to pork lovers, it's just expanded its first branch in Sunway Pyramid.

Tony Roma's, when are you serving my favorite baby back in this BullehLand?


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