English S.O.S

English is the international language, no doubt about it.

I am Chinese-ed and I love my mother tongue very much. But I have to learn and polish my English skill to survive in this globalization era. Especially working in an MNC that I have to communicate in English verbally and in written like email. I do spend time to review and revise my emails before I send them out making sure I maintain my "English quality" (grammar and spelling) and "professionalism" (no personal emotion etc) as the recipients at the other end of the globe (whom I've never met face to face) would judge me based on the email.

Like our ex-PM said, "world class infrastructure, third class maintenance". Sometimes Malaysians tend to have "tidak apa" (never mind) attitude. As long as the job gets done, who cares? This is why you can see slip outs around your surrounding quite often, like what I posted on "MalEnglish" 2 years ago. Probably the person in charge was "tidak apa" as long as the notice was out in time.

Because of that post, I was rewarded by British Council...

It's a reward from a campaign called English S.O.S initiated by English Rescue Team ERT in British Council. If your entry is selected like mine, you will be rewarded a RM50 MPH gift voucher...

And if you're luckier, there's more to grab...

So start sending your entries to English S.O.S website. You just have to be a little observant to spot such "MalEnglish". Like I said, it's not that difficult since we have third class mentality here, you can easily spot such even in high class places and tourist attractions like I did in Pavilion KL.

Let's make our society to speak not only good Bahasa Malaysia and mother tongue, but also better English. Let's show to the world we're the cultured and educated nation.

By the way, do click on this link to support me :) Likewise, post your link and I will support yours. I don't know if the iPod has been given out as the campaign is not a transparent but closed contest where no announcement is made for the winners.


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