We Speak MalEnglish

Last year, 2007 we anak Malaysia celebrated 50 years of independence. Our beloved G initiated a Visit Malaysia Year 2007 year-long event, here is one of the adverts from the Tourism Board...

Malaysia Truly Asia...

There are 2 major English streams globally, the American English and the British English. Color vs. colour, neighbor vs. neighbour, realize vs. realise and many more. Many foreigners recognize our capability to speak fluent English, both American and British, we anak Malaysia are proud of ourselves and we are so outspoken in English and even localize it to become Malenglish, the Malaysian-English...

American English, sensor; British English, also sensor; Malenglish, sencor.

Per one of our beloved PM's (as of now, 16 Sept 2008, 21:11 GMT+8) quotes, we have world class infrastructure but third class maintenance, and perhaps third class work attitude too. As a result, such thing happens at the heart of Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, at the brand new shopping mall, Pavilion KL.

Malaysia, Truly Asia, that includes English, Malenglish :)

By the way, I was also wondering if it's Truly Asia, why the models in the adverts were all Mat Salleh but not anak Malaysia picked from our multiethnic society?


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