What Is Your "CPU"?

I've been struggling to make myself survive in the new job assignment in the office, politically and geographically. Politically, people tend to set me up by every chance they have. Well, so simple?! I ain't a silly dumb ass donkey which I can prove in this post later. Also, fortune teller predicted this year is really a bad bad year for my zodiac and advised me to be low profile, which I am doing right now in my job, to stay as low profile as I can. Geographically, all the peers and counterparts including my direct boss are located in the States, I've gotta work harder so my boss can virtually see me, making sure a "happy increment" for the coming year and to realize my 2-year mega project.

Since my day is their night and vice versa, the only way to keep up the communication is email. Out of 9 hours in the office, I guess my 2 hands spend almost 6 or 7 hours typing on the keyboard like this...

Type, type, type... the 10 fingers keep on typing... type = $

Sometimes I rest for a while for ergonomic reason. I turn to right side and read the newspapers. I am a right handed and the paper is designed to flip from right to left, so using the right hand to flip from page to page is the typical and most efficient way, while the left hand rests on the table or armrest...

There was a day that someone phone rang with this, err... Ah Beng type ringtone...

(Note: no image for this YouTube video. Use YouTube to play audio file so no other plugin is needed to be installed onto your any browser)

Due to occupational syndrome (typing) without me knowingly to command, my left hand fingers started to follow the rhyme. Aiks! The fingers just couldn't follow the tempo initially, they weren't "smooth" to "type" the whole ringtone. But after second or third attempt, they finally danced like this...

I did a sampling of 4 right handed individuals, none of them could even "complete" the whole ringtone after few attempts! Ha!

Why not try yourself? For left handed, try on the right hand.

Then, I curious if my right hand fingers could follow the ringtone exactly for the very first attempt. So I sang the ringtone in my heart, and make my right hand fingers to dance...

I could do it on the first attempt! The same test to the 4 guinea pigs, they could finish the ringtone like me after 2 3 attempts. Not bad...

Hmmm... I know human brain is split into two: the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and the right hemisphere controls the left. Meaning that, my left brain is better than the right brain. I googled and did a simple questionnaire and got this result...

Right Brain / Left Brain Quiz Result
Left Brain Dominance:11(11)
Right Brain Dominance:9(9)

Incidentally the result was 9-11, the memorial day for the Americans and the published date of this post! Anyway, the result means not much difference between left and right. I did another quiz. The quiz was meant for artists or painters, but simply replace "paint" in the quiz with your "work", it should work as is. Apparently the result was...

Ha! Comparable result to the first one.

Right Brain Inventory Left Brain Inventory
• Visual, focusing on images, patterns • Verbal, focusing on words, symbols, numbers
• Intuitive, led by feelings • Analytical, led by logic
• Process ideas simultaneously • Process ideas sequentially, step by step
• 'Mind photos' used to remember things, writing things down or illustrating them helps you remember Words used to remember things, remember names rather than faces
• Make lateral connections from information • Make logical deductions from information
• See the whole first, then the details • Work up to the whole step by step, focusing on details, information organised
• Organisation ends to be lacking
• Highly organised
• Free association • Like making lists and planning
• Like to know why you're doing something or why rules exist (reasons) • Likely to follow rules without questioning them
• No sense of time • Good at keeping track of time
• May have trouble with spelling and finding words to express yourself • Spelling and mathematical formula easily memorised
• Enjoy touching and feeling actual objects (sensory input) • Enjoy observing
• Trouble prioritising, so often late, impulsive • Plan ahead
• Unlikely to read instruction manual before trying • Likely read an instruction manual before trying
• Listen to how something is being said
• Listen to what is being said
• Talk with your hands
• Rarely use gestures when talking
• Likely to think you're naturally creative, but need to apply yourself to develop your potential
• Likely to believe you're not creative, need to be willing to try and take risks to develop your potential

Following that, I look at the table above, an excerpt from the same site, my reaction was zig-zag down the table: I am visual (right) but I am analytical and logical (left) etc etc **Confuse??** Haha...

The conclusion, I am pretty confident to say that my left brain or hemisphere works equally with my right brain/hemisphere. From the sampling that I did on that 4 fellas, I would think one side of their brain dominates the other, they did not do the tests above, though (perhaps I should ask them to do). In other words, may be most people's brain only works half and mine is fully utilized. Or in Intel term, others' brains are Centrino which the "CPU" has only a solo/single core to process data; whereas mine is Core 2 Duo processor, virtually with 2 processors running simultaneously :) This probably the reason that I still survive with so much political setups on me. *Touch wood* This could be the reason why my friends and so called mom-in-law said my brain spins too fast. Hehe...

So, what is your "CPU"? Pentium 3? P4? 286??!! Or Core 2 Extreme? ;)


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