Change Life Style

I always say I am a patriotic Malaysian, I am anak Malaysia. I listen to what our beloved G says.

Due to price hike in petrol, my monthly petrol expense is average RM400 - RM500 exclusive of toll, tyre, other wear and tear and car maintenance. It's really a burden on a poor kuli like me working in the city center and commute in the traffic every week day for ~100km return trip.

Our beloved G knew about it, and very concern about it, and hence our beloved DPM urged us anak Malaysia to change our life style.
"Such changes in lifestyle should be made so that even if there were increases in fuel prices, Malaysians will be able to continue having the good quality and comforts of life which they have been enjoying," he said.
Again, I am very obeyant to our beloved G, I listened to his brilliant excellent advice and was trying to find options on how to change my lifestyle, while the DPM and his cabinet still enjoying the big luxurious car with escorting traffic police to force citizen to give way to them, live in probably fully air-conditioned big bungalow and eating probably chef's special cook for every meal.

I came across this advertisement. Since there is one Tune hotel not so far from my office and not so near too, it's interesting and attractive to find out if I stay in this hotel during work day and only back to home on Friday after-work, will I set as an example to the advice given by our beloved DPM? Let's do some simple math.

Say I work 20 days a month minus 4 x Friday which I travel home = how much expense of the remaining 16 days?

Travel Expense for 16 days
Roughly I needed 3.5 full tanks for 16 days which equals to 3.5 x RM110 = RM385
The toll is RM6.10 return amounted 16 days x RM6.10 = RM97.60
So, in total, I need RM482.60 on transport for the 16 days that I commute back and forth between office and home.

Now, let's see will I save $$ if I stay in Tune for this 16-day period?

So I visited Tune Hotel website and trying to look for the cheapest night I could get and the cheapest for KL Tune was... for a night...

So in summary, the total after taxes and miscellaneous charges...

Pretty straight forward, assuming RM33.49 for 16 nights, 16 x RM33.49 = RM535.84.

RM482.60 compare to RM535.84. Clearly, not a wise decision.

This excludes the public transport fare I need to pay from hotel <--> office (RM8.00 return). Also, it excludes the dinner that I need to eat out (dinner at home FOC. Hehe...), so assume I have Hup Seng Ping Pong crackers as my dinner and free Nescafe or Milo at office pantry for 16 days. Hehe...


Let's put in some other hidden expenses.

I clock at least 500km per week (100km round trip office <--> home) if I drive every day. As a result, every 5 months I need to service my lovely FD (every 10,000km). Plus tyre wear, wear-and-tear spare parts and time.

However, if I stay in the hotel, I only clock 200km per week, which means I only service my car annually! Probably change tyres only once (instead of 2 - 3 times) throughout my ownership period on the car and I get better 2nd hand value when sell off my car with low mileage in the future...

Err... lazy to calculate, may be it's wiseable after putting that into consideration?

I am a lazy bugger, it's too complicated to calculate such an account. To make my life easier, I look into the breakdown of RM33.49 per stay...

Assuming all fixed cost except room rate and its tax, so looks like if I get better room rate, I could really save, so what is maximum room rate to make a total that is less than RM482.60 for 16 night stays?

Here is the answer...

Oh, if the room rate cuts 50%, I could tally RM482.60! Meaning, I benefit from other "complicated" savings for not traveling 100km everyday!!

Furthermore, if I could get RM2 per night as per the advertisement...

Haha! I don't have to eat Hup Seng Ping Pong crackers every dinner!

Looks promising to stay in Tune! I will for sure monitor closely the room rate from time to time... Since I am so "good boy" to our beloved G, I wonder if any of the cabinet member would recommend me for a Dato ship? Perhaps I should invite them to stay too... :P


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