My Money Still Not Enough

It has been quite some time I did not walk into the cinema. Really, I feel it's sorta a waste to spend RM10 or more per pax for a movie when you can download it from the internet with higher quality like 720p or 1080p full HD. This saves $$ and it can also be considered as "change of lifestyle", right? (Oh, Dato' ship please...)

But, occasionally it's good also to go to cinema to enjoy some of the movies for the atmosphere sake in the theater. For instance, to enjoy the Dolby surround sound system, to enjoy the big screen for action scenes, to laugh out loud together with the crowd, to enjoy the pop corns (nowadays which cinema taster har?), to hug-hug and ahem~ ahem~ with ahmoi in the dark especially when watching thriller, and perhaps to earn some credit card reward points (hehe...) and so forth.

So I decided to go for a movie in the cinema. I wanted to go last weekend but I wasn't in good shape to sit in the cold cinema for an hour or two, so the plan is postponed to this week.

This is the movie I plan to go...

Not coming soon but it's already showing on the big screens in Malaysia and Singapore.

This movie just came in at the right time. Why? Again, change of lifestyle lor, what else? Especially I watched the first episode 10 years ago that money was already not enough for me. Now 10 years have passed, money still not enough for me and it's getting worse, exactly like this trailer. Sigh~

My karaoke song was playing in the background (Nasi wa wu jit pa ban~). Hehe...

Oh ya, I have been very good to practice cinema etiquette such as to switch off mobile when in the theater. I hope I remember to do the same after so long 'cause I do not want to get teased by Ah Hui and Ah Ong...

Click here to the official site.

p/s: I still wondering money no enough or money noT enough since the first episode??


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