ET Returns

She is back.

Who is she? Oh, she plays an important role of Jacko.MY's existence. If you understand Hokkien and happen to read through the post that I explained why I started to blog, then you would know her. Don't bother to read if you don't understand Hokkien, there is no online translator to translate Hokkien to other language. Long story cut short, she started to blog, followed by a friend and me to blog and from there a nonsense blogger was born, the macho bugger Jacko.

She's called zabo gui ong or female devil. not because she looks like devil nor is she a devil to anyone, but she is just as daring as Hillary Clinton, a strong female contender to others whom aiming to climb high up in the company.

She's called E.T. too. Oh, it's her initial and coincidentally same with E.T., the blockbuster once upon a time. And she is now returned...

She was once my boss, very pressure to work for her. She wanted the whole of you, both 8-hour work and 16-hour non-work. Beside demanding work load, she instructed to join company co-curriculum during non-work time, which was with good intention to expose you for career visibility. She likes to speak up. If you talk to her face to face and argue with her, she would stare at you like this...

Scary? Not quite. Occasionally she would talk like a feminine and make use of her lady privilege, to beg for change of the late night shift with you during weekend shift work 'cause she scares of ghost. Don't ever think you would be hero to rescue her if ghost really appears, it definitely be otherwise ending.

Nevertheless, she's still the role model and hope to many people. Typically Chinese Door God come in pair, there was once one of the gods in the office left to other company, leaving a big black hole for any malicious threats to penetrate. She was once mentioned to be the savior, together with another "Mother Teresa" (who is now my so called mom in law) to restore the peace and harmony in the office. Thank god that Mother Teresa was able to hold the base until now...

Afterall, she is not that scary. She is still welcome by many. No her, probably no Jacko.MY.

Welcome home, E.T.. :P

P/S: I am not sure if I would still be in one piece after she reads this...

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  1. u very kaa si huh.......ET also u kim yeok??....=p....I am not a threat to the other contenders la....


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