I Scored A?!

I was doing some customization on jacko.my, some are noticeable, some are hidden. Well, let's make this a report card to report on "my progress" for a semester as of today...

As one lazy butt "complained" in the Talk Cock Box, full post is no longer available at main page, but you are just one click away from the full post. Click on the "Read More..." and there you go. Few reasons behind the change, to make the main page tidier and neat view, to allow faster load time of the main page and so forth. Though, feedback still welcome :)

On each post, you will see this Digg button (above) on the top right. No, don't dig your nose or any other holes you found on your body, I ain't asking you to dig while reading my blog (yucks~ if you do so!!). If you do find a particular post is interesting to share, click on the button to share with others around the world. It's a social network in virtual world, just like how you share 8 kuas or gossips with your buddies in the real world. You need an account to do so, err... I have not created mine 'cause I've not used Digg before. Further, I feel like a direct sale person or hardcore insurance agent to hard sell myself if I digg my own post and give good comment.

On the left, few "widgets" added to enrich the site content. For instance, the Search box, you can now use the Search box to search in jacko.my for older posts in the archive. No option to search WWW or google.com, only for jacko.my 'cause such search is already provided by your browser if you have the latest version installed on your machine. So don't be lazy to move your cursor a little higher to reach that search box.

Daily Digest is where I frequent everyday. The forum that I am one of the moderators, link to an automotive blog, links to other daily press and political sites. On the same concept, a section called Friendly Links for someone-I-know's blog sites. Send me email if you wish to share your site here.

Scroll to the bottom, there is a counter below the report card. Everyone should know what is that for, it's to show how many visitors hit my site. See, I also have the "numbers", it displays the exact numbers of visitors who happened to "cross over" to jacko.my. It also has tracking feature to show where do they come from for the purpose to help those commercial sites to target their potential customers. Some people (not for business purpose) use this like a Bond 007's tool to track others, nay, I am not interested in such hide-and-seek tracking and don't understand why others do so. This is also one of the reasons I abandoned the old site which has such in-built feature. Until I want jacko.my to generate $$ for me, then perhaps for $$ benefit sake I may do so. I just need a display counter for now.

Surprisingly, after I added features above, I saw my score in the preview was...

Impressive?! Grade A leh, from 40 to 93, share markets around the world also not so bullish than my report card. LoL. No, I don't believe this as you can see the score is still at 40 on the left. It must be some bug in the script. Anyway, that motivates me a little, let see when I rerun the report again.


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