Friday, November 13, 2015

Ceramic Pro Malaysia Review

When I first got my new CX-5, I was looking for a coating product that could protect the car paint, reduce car wash frequency, lowest maintenance (of the coat) ever required and ultimately the car will fetch higher resale value with show room condition after X years when I upgrade to another. In short, I just want my car to look clean and great all time. I do understand maintaining a car especially a dark color like black or dark blue is not an easy task. In contrary, I am a lazy butt and dislike waiting, wash car every week and sending it for wax and polish are time wasting efforts in my opinion. It should be minimized as much as possible, the time could be spent on something more meaningful.

I had a sealant product applied on my ex-lovely Civic FD2. The car looked great even after 8 years. See the photo after the break...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lazada, Incubator of Dishonest Sellers & Scammers

Let me extend the scammer incident to share more about my experience shopping virtually at local online stores.

I rate the online stores with "unpleasant" and "bad" experience. For former, I defined it as "I got what I ordered but the shopping experience wasn't a pleasant one", for instance, slow delivery, require successful warranty claim, technical error etc. That may or may not stop me from buying from the site again depending on the magnitude of the problem. Whereas the latter is "I didn't get what I ordered, paid but didn't get to enjoy". Obviously a big NO to buy again and obviously the scammer incident falls under this. Having said that, it's the last for me to ever shop again at Lazada after the incident.

Why I said "incubator of scammer"? Read this email excerpt...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GN eStore is a Scammer

I have been an online shopping addict for more than a decade. I bought stuff from all over the world, UK, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and majority of my shopping loots came from US stores. I considered myself a lucky one as I only had handful of bad experience. To be precise, only 2 incidents. Now, another bad experience to be filed in the record.

Here's what happened.