Tuesday, December 4, 2007

North Up Food Hunting

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It was rather a last minute plan with friends, just because of err... 心血来潮... From KL --> Kampar --> Ipoh --> Taiping (visit only) --> Penang. Oh, Penang was rather extreme last minute add on in the itinerary, mainly because to pick up my "mom in law" who balik pulau on the same weekend.

We started the "hunt" with breakfast at PJ Street porridge. This is the usual place now I have my breakfast before I reach office. RM 5 for a pork porridge can last me till evening, so usually I skip lunch if I have this.

Then headed north to Kampar right after work, the curry chicken in bread. Too tempting, forgot to take photo before we teared off the bread... hehe... Since we have only 3 of us, we can't order another signature "bread" which is Chinese Herb Chicken in bread.

After the filling dinner, continued the journey to Ipoh. After settled down in friend's house, and "met the parents" (wahaha!), we headed out for our supper, the bean sprout chicken rice.

It was a torture to finish the dishes we ordered, I just felt like I am the chicken now~ We've been eating chicken whole night... We had ENO to ease our stomach, and the salty Chinese herb tea too to complete our day 1 mission.

The next day, we headed to Ming Court for dim sum. As expected, darn crowded that we gotta share table in order to enjoy the food. So, I had to use my skill in clubbing to sweet talk 2 aunties to share the table with us. Now I learned that my talk cock skill actually applicable not only to young chicks, but also aunties... hehe :p

With full dumpling in the stomach, we went into Ipoh old town for... ... ...??? Of course the Ipoh Old Town coffee!

After the coffee, we went further north up to the island, Penang. We didn't book hotel, just walk in and got ourselves in Northam All Suite. At night we went out island all the way of 40km to Jawi for seafood... the standard dropped, kinda disappointed but anyhow still not bad for the price we paid. Next trip we shall try Bukit Tambun...

I couldn't recall what was the reason that we did not take photos for meals in Penang... perhaps it's too common to us (at least to me) because I used to travel north up at least twice a year in the past. That made this blog hanging without a good close up... Anyhow, next time will make sure to have a "completeness" when plan to blog on such trips :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Houston Again~

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Again... as title of this blog tells, I was on business trip to the this lifeless boring main land AGAIN! It was a rush to me: I landed home from my Sipadan trip ~1am, and my flight to the Houston was 10am! Further, I have other personal agenda to accomplish before I fly: ONLINE SHOPPING!! This is the only thing I enjoy and hate most to fly there, enjoy because I can get what I want in cheaper price (and can't get it in KL), hate it because it always burns a big hole in my pocket and wallet!! See what I got from there... hehe :p

This time I wasn't alone anymore, though I preferred to travel alone, I was with another 3 colleagues... The trip was joyful anyhow, we've got good meals, good gadget exploration (gadgets that not available in KL yet) and shopping here and there.

In 1 occasion, since this was the first time for one of them to fly to US, he was a little curious on a shop that we passed by every morning when drive to office. Just to kill his curiosity, I dropped by after dinner on one of the nights. This wasn't my first time to visit such shops, but I never took photos, so this time I took some, perhaps to "excite" you to view... hehe~

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pulau Sipadan Part 2

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This blog can be considered a migration from old site, but the content is brand new: the photos were from the old site whereas the text is new. I just wanna share some of the photos I like most from my very first time experience of underwater photography in Pulau Sipadan. Above is the panorama view of Pulau Mabul from Sea Venture (below) and some UW photos. The last 2 were a bit tricky, it's pink and red pygmy sea horse respectively, so challenge your eyes to spot it. Not that difficult though, both are right at the center of the photo.

Oh~ I missed UW!! It's coming 1 year that I have not dived!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pulau Sipadan Part 1

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This wasn't the 1st time, but it was different from previous trip. we din go to the island on the same day. instead, we stayed at the jetty area, which the resort is similar concept like PD Avilion i.e. water chalet wit "open" bath room... but it is way better than Avilion, at least the water is not milo color...

Anyhow, if u happen to stay thr in the future, b prepared to get out to hv your own bfast... the included bfast is only roti bakar + kopi, which is nice to me but quantity only can cover my throat, stomach still empty...

Dun say i bluff u, talk cock bull shit, we saw manta ray (in case u dunno wat is manta, click here) at jetty, even b4 we dive!!! but we were not excited, instead damn tulan (angry) wit what we saw! look at photos below, taken when out for bfast:

Kanneh, jin yausiu (vulgary~)... those were illegal fishing!! Not 1 manta, but tens of them!!! Our powerful dive instructor was veli upset n would do something (o oledie did something) to report this, she got "connection" to some authority. Just wonder how effective those authority bosses would take action... u'd know la, this is msia, the bulleh land, not anywhr else in the world...

Anyway, it's just the begininng of the trip, so we tend to forget it... let's back to the trip.. we got a warmth welcome by the boss at the resort, we dun even need to carry our bags to the jetty, got a VVVVIP svc tat the boss ride the boat rite in front of the resort to pick us up, thumb up!!

Arrived at the platform ~11+am... n immediately got our chk out dive (o orientation dive) underneath the platform... yoohoo~

This was also the 1st time I took photo underwater, hope to see improvement in 4 days time...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vacancy: Work 2 Hours Daily Only

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Who want to work in this bank??? Only 2 hours a day working time.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kedai Kopi Manchester United!

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I'm MU supporter. If u read chinese paper, u knew their chn name is 曼聯. the club not onli play football o soccer, but oso a company sells all club related stuff, one good example is the logo n player potrait on air asia. the biz is not onli limited to such biz, but oso got other biz in almost every industry i.e. got their own banking in UK (i heard)... but i din know their biz is so diverse till invest in this industry...

so wat they sell in the kedai makanan??? look at the price list on top of anchor beer banner, not steak not spageti, but got hokkien mee RM5, cantonese fried RM5 etc etc

not bad hor?? may b can meet those football celebrities inside leh... hmmm... former player david beckham may b oso inside leh. those siao him o any MU players can go there 碰碰运气...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Upside Down World

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A day in this wk, i was veli da sien in the office after few hrs working on a report... so to b ergonomically healthy, i mah relek my eyes by looking outside... then i saw something tat had nvr happened b4, i hv nvr seen such a sigh out fr the same window for 2 yrs after this building was completely constructed...

hmmm... wat was there on the wall? was it some da vinci code?? o some osama's secret msg? o alien's war declaration to earth?? end of the world??? wahaha... too much imagination hor... boh pian, life is too difficult for me these days... then tidak apa attitude lor, i mah balik rumah like normal lor... reached home, sigh~ continue to work on the report... switched on my laptop, blank screen... ok my company always buy the most "canggih" laptop compared to dynasty qing model, so i know gotta wait for centuries b4 it resume to repond... i mah wen pangsai panglio zangzui jiapeng kua tv first lor... after all come bck to the laptop, wtf?!! still blank screen, i behtahan lao, "knock knock" abit to wake it up... oh, it eat hard dun eat soft 吃硬不吃软, finally got display liao, look at the cursor...

the cursor pointed to down left instead of usual up left!! hehe... some who know me might think i would do another few rounds of punch n knock to the laptop, but i was laughing to myself (actually was 又气又好笑) over there looking at the screen, was thinking "was it caused by the influential electromagnetic interference fr the alien's msg at the building wall this evening??" i was praying it's true alien's msg n hope alien invade earth now so i no need to write my report. tidak apa again, i re-rebooted the laptop n everything bck to normal for me to work...

ring~ alarm rang the nxt morning... yday work veli late but still got something to finalize on the report... so routine wake up process n drove out home to office... at the traffic light, i was at the junction for a while b4 i took out my phone to take photo... was this really a sign of 世界末日??? o a series of tohpeng world??? o i gotta go chk my eyes liao...

Friday, September 28, 2007

What Is My Job?

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Since i got new assignment a yr ago, i often rcv queries asking me "hey, brader, wat r u actually doing har??" "hey, u like no need to work one hor, basically wat is ur new job har??" etc etc... well, typical answer to them, "still dialing, still engage tone, so dunno wat i m doin..." but hey, now i got answer liao... hehehe... dun play play hor, veli canggih one...

Ok, basically my job is to transform something tat looks useless to something useful... useful doesnt mean feature rich, high biz value o watsoever... if it can cheer u up in ur day, tat's useful oso rite??? for example, this is just a normal piece of paper rite...

then i spent few ten minutes a day to work on it, then hor, finally after a wk of construction... transform it to... tada!! ok... now can sing the song abit "transformer, more than meet the eyes~ transformer~"

twins?? hehe... yalor... 1 tall 1 shorter... see the sholder there got like 1 white/grey dot rite... my pda camera laoya, kenot capture it in detail, it's actually the logo... they r autobot not decepticon :p

see... how meaningful my job is!! this may giv inspiration to the company to advance in technologies for globalization! dun play play lor, seriously, these 2 at least cheer up 4 ppl liao leh...

later time if free, i will see if can command them to perform some stunts o not...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Proton or Potong

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Go to www.proton.com.my u will see the pride n joy of msian, as what was proudly declared by the MD of proton, the car tat has been waiting long by msians... i m msian, did i feel proud??!! did i wait for it??! hhmm...

Nice o not, all up to individual la, the beauty is in the eyes of beholders mah... but anyhow i dunno how to appreciate the art of msian, i m msian tho...

Anyway, here's another msia BULLeh achievement fr this pride n joy car... ok now, let's play a game, spot the difference!!! fr the email i received, it claimed to be a real unit, display car in kuching sale room...

can spot o not??? if kenot, then zoom in...

a highly innovative and advanced technology by msian's car maker, proton! 2 fuel tanks in the car and hence 2 fuel gauges on the dash!