North Up Food Hunting

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It was rather a last minute plan with friends, just because of err... 心血来潮... From KL --> Kampar --> Ipoh --> Taiping (visit only) --> Penang. Oh, Penang was rather extreme last minute add on in the itinerary, mainly because to pick up my "mom in law" who balik pulau on the same weekend.

We started the "hunt" with breakfast at PJ Street porridge. This is the usual place now I have my breakfast before I reach office. RM 5 for a pork porridge can last me till evening, so usually I skip lunch if I have this.

Then headed north to Kampar right after work, the curry chicken in bread. Too tempting, forgot to take photo before we teared off the bread... hehe... Since we have only 3 of us, we can't order another signature "bread" which is Chinese Herb Chicken in bread.

After the filling dinner, continued the journey to Ipoh. After settled down in friend's house, and "met the parents" (wahaha!), we headed out for our supper, the bean sprout chicken rice.

It was a torture to finish the dishes we ordered, I just felt like I am the chicken now~ We've been eating chicken whole night... We had ENO to ease our stomach, and the salty Chinese herb tea too to complete our day 1 mission.

The next day, we headed to Ming Court for dim sum. As expected, darn crowded that we gotta share table in order to enjoy the food. So, I had to use my skill in clubbing to sweet talk 2 aunties to share the table with us. Now I learned that my talk cock skill actually applicable not only to young chicks, but also aunties... hehe :p

With full dumpling in the stomach, we went into Ipoh old town for... ... ...??? Of course the Ipoh Old Town coffee!

After the coffee, we went further north up to the island, Penang. We didn't book hotel, just walk in and got ourselves in Northam All Suite. At night we went out island all the way of 40km to Jawi for seafood... the standard dropped, kinda disappointed but anyhow still not bad for the price we paid. Next trip we shall try Bukit Tambun...

I couldn't recall what was the reason that we did not take photos for meals in Penang... perhaps it's too common to us (at least to me) because I used to travel north up at least twice a year in the past. That made this blog hanging without a good close up... Anyhow, next time will make sure to have a "completeness" when plan to blog on such trips :)


  1. *recalled* knew y u dun hv a complete set of photos.... coz u didn't had them all copied, and later posted in ur ex-blog!


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