Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X'mas!

How do you tell you're getting old?

I used to be the one who acquire presents during festival like X'mas, but now have became the one who busy buying gifts for the younger generation. If you're like me, you're old.

As the acting Santa Claus to the nieces and nephew (well, the body shape is getting alike), Toys'rus is a place that would save you a lot of time hunting the right gifts. By the way that's not tough, the challenging part is to know what is in trend currently and what they like. For instance, Dora, Ben 10, Beyblade and whatnot. Well, I still find that is a piece of cake, much easier than buying gift for girlfriend. Hehe... Fortunately, my family is small and I can tailor the present to each niece/nephew's favorite.

First, of course is my little darling...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cisco SG300-28P Managed Switch

If you were a Streamyx user converted to Unifi, likely you have realized that you had enough LAN ports in Streamyx time but not with Unifi, well, if you fully utilized the 4 LAN ports on the Streamyx's ADSL router. This is because one LAN port marked in red color on the Unifi's wifi router is reserved for IPTV. That's what exactly hitting me when I upgraded from Streamyx to Unifi.

Of course there is a virtually "zero-cost" solution by recycling the ADSL router you have. What you need to buy (if you don't have) is a short crossover cable, power up the ADSL router, turn off or disable the wifi on ADSL router, connect one end of the crossover cable to LAN port on Unifi wifi router, connect the other end to the LAN port on the ADSL router and you're done with 5 available LAN ports to be used! Please note that it's LAN port on both the ADSL and Unifi wifi router NOT the WAN port. Some modern routers come with Auto MDIX feature that you don't even need to buy a crossover cable, a usual straight cable will do.

Well, alternative above is not ideal for me 'cause I need more than 5 connections. Further to that, I stream full HD Bluray contents from my NAS to the media player (and might be multiple media players streaming simultaneously in near future), while some big files copy and downloads might be happening concurrently, therefore gigabit backbone is a must. To go a little more advance, I plan to segregate the local network into different segments, namely the vlan - one for PC network, one for media streaming and the other for IP CCTV network. And for IP CCTV, PoE feature is required to power up my IP cameras.

To my disappointment, the stock Unifi's Dlink wifi router cum switch has been struggling to even stream a jitter-free Bluray movie with no other activity in the local network, let alone to support my requirements above. As a result, I finally found myself sufficient excuses to get an advanced switch...

Oh! Finally! Unifi!

Finally! The long waiting Unifi arrived at my house!

Need not cover the details here as you can find many blogs from other Unifi pioneers about the service and installation. In general, 2 groups of contractors came, one for external installation...

The other for internal installation including the wifi and IPTV setup, making sure you're able to connect to internet and watch the HyppTV...

While I don't really bother how the outside fiber cable is laid, I am fussy on how the fiber run in the house...