Merry X'mas!

How do you tell you're getting old?

I used to be the one who acquire presents during festival like X'mas, but now have became the one who busy buying gifts for the younger generation. If you're like me, you're old.

As the acting Santa Claus to the nieces and nephew (well, the body shape is getting alike), Toys'rus is a place that would save you a lot of time hunting the right gifts. By the way that's not tough, the challenging part is to know what is in trend currently and what they like. For instance, Dora, Ben 10, Beyblade and whatnot. Well, I still find that is a piece of cake, much easier than buying gift for girlfriend. Hehe... Fortunately, my family is small and I can tailor the present to each niece/nephew's favorite.

First, of course is my little darling...

She told me about this cartoon and her friends are collecting different blades. She longed for the strongest blade named unicorn so now her dream comes true.

Next is ah girl who idolizes the little darling. She looks at her as role model, little darling loves Dora and ah girl also loves Dora...

So now she has a companion that she can hug to sleep together. Hopefully she can nap a little longer during day time to grant everybody some peace of mind. Hehe...

Last is the Charlie Brown in the house...

I don't feel safe to post his photo here, he is definitely look very alike to Charlie. Some say Tintin. LOL. Oh ya, a geeky uncle buys a phone to start training him to be the next geek in the family, what's more his dad is working in a phone company. Hehe... In addition, to train him to talk over phone so that he can call grandma in the future. Perhaps I shall buy him his pet next time.

Okay, it's time to unwrap gift. Gotta rest early too as my tomorrow is fully packed with marathon events planned by those energized kids. Another aging sign if you feel exhausted playing with them. -.-||

Merry X'mas!


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