Kedai Kopi Manchester United!

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I'm MU supporter. If u read chinese paper, u knew their chn name is 曼聯. the club not onli play football o soccer, but oso a company sells all club related stuff, one good example is the logo n player potrait on air asia. the biz is not onli limited to such biz, but oso got other biz in almost every industry i.e. got their own banking in UK (i heard)... but i din know their biz is so diverse till invest in this industry...

so wat they sell in the kedai makanan??? look at the price list on top of anchor beer banner, not steak not spageti, but got hokkien mee RM5, cantonese fried RM5 etc etc

not bad hor?? may b can meet those football celebrities inside leh... hmmm... former player david beckham may b oso inside leh. those siao him o any MU players can go there 碰碰运气...


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