"Door God" in my office

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In one of the particular floors in my office, everybody feels very safe n enjoy working there as there is a pair of DOOR GOD 门神 watching out the threats for the whole team, safeguarding everyone to make sure the atmosphere is peace and harmony. no body will get hurt by any threats fr the kiasu country down there, fr the angmo countries, fr the smile in front cucuk belakang 笑里藏刀 countries up there..

feel so safe~~ not even a single insect can trespass to pollute the air, the entrance to the floor just like below...

nxt yr, everything has changed... if u still remember a previous blog fr me, one of the door gods is gone... the flr is no longer blessed with peace, it's vulnerable to any attack n haunting every corner~~

those at the flr, u'all gotta b prepared... but perhaps, may b and who knows a female god who just bck to work in office could b the savior like this buddha...

everyone hopes so...

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