MIFC 2008

Do you remember where were you last year Merdeka, the 50th Merdeka? Clubbing and count down at somewhere? Merdeka Square with Mat Rempit? Stadium Merdeka? Or just stayed at home watching tv?

I do remember where was I last year 'cause I am a patriotic
anak Malaysia :) I was in the MIFC 2007. Not Malaysian Idiots Football Club, but Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. It was in fact a last minute (again) decision to go join the massive crowd and hay wired traffic. Hehe... My friends and I were doing all our best to arrive on time and making sure to watch the fireworks on the best spot. We drove on high ways, stuck for long jam in the high way, risk to get bahkua (ticket) by driving ahem~ ahem~ Ah Beng style, sneaked all the ways to the kampungs at the back of KLIA area and Dengkil and raced with time in the dark (no road lamps at all) to reach on time. Indeed, we made it! B-)

This year, the 51st
Merdeka, no more fireworks on the 31st or 30th eve, the grand finale is on 29th. Since it was quite memorable last year and I am unable to celebrate Merdeka on the eve and count down, so I celebrated it in advance, I made a trip to Putrajaya on the 20th for MIFC 2008, to watch the fireworks somewhere near this nice piece of architecture work...

Last year, I captured the moment and scene with a pair of full definition 1080p eyes of mine, so I couldn't share with everyone. This time, I was equipped with a "leased" camera, Canon Powershot A710 IS, the camera that helped me capture many UW photos recently and last year. It's my "virgin" to capture firework scenes, and I found it's a bit harder to capture than the UW photography since it's at dark night and only last for a few seconds. With my shaky hands proven by the photo above (I don't like Shakey Pizza though), I couldn't take a good shot without a tripod. But I am always creative like MacGyver, so I constructed a tripod using 3 rocks, the tristone...

Don't you think it looks like a treasure found from a ship wreck?
Harta Karun? Hehe...

With my tristone, I managed to capture 267 shots within 20 minutes using
try-&-error method for different settings, few "presentable" here, though the show by Canadian wasn't impressive at all...

Ok or not? Comment? Criticism? First time
mah, give face a bit lor ;)


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