Eye Cover

If you are a frequent flyer and if you are sensitive to brightness when you want to take a rest during the flight, I guess you will be using such eye cover to ease you for a nap. What if you left it at home and the flight does not provide one, especially you are on AirAsia?

Take out the souvenir leaflet from the front pocket, you can find it there. Point it to the pretty and smiley flight attendant, pay RM25 and you will get one. Oh, you are on tight budget (this could also be the reason why you are on the budget airline AA), and the price of a pair of eye cover isn't right for you as a replacement just for a single use? No worries. Don't put back the leaflet, here is how you can use it...

AirAsia airline, now everyone can fly.

AirAsia leaflet, now everyone can sleep.

Sometimes you just have to be creative and innovative with your surrounding like MacGyver, you can make your days better.

Good night. Have a sweet dream. I am going to cover my eyes with pillow. :)


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