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Although I don't really care that I failed the exam and not really plan to success (who knows in future), but how could jacko be so lousy, scoring only 15 out of 100??!! Since kid till now, I never be in the last position!! NEVER!! And EVER!! Fuuyoh!! This si kiasu getting more furious, seem getting higher blood pressure not higher score!! Haha...

So I tried to make a little improvement from time to time to score better. But the ultimate objective is to learn more about Web 2.0 for the sake of my current work assignment.

I mentioned earlier that I enabled the RSS, namely the Atom (in fact, it's enabled by default but I reconfigured it a little), but does anyone know how to use that and where to find the link to subscribe? Frankly, I myself had difficulty to locate the link. It's actually at the bottom of Did you ever see it??

Not really visible and encouraging. I tried to add a widget or chicklet on the right so it's more friendlier to subscribe to

The widget available from looks like this...

Err... too many options, confusing...

I wanted something simpler and one-click at first sight. Therefore, I spent a little more time to look into other options and found out was acquired by Google, meaning that it's in the same family with Blogger. In other words, feedburner = = = Google --> no compatibility issue! And coincidentally I picked the right option previously to redirect my Atom feed to feedburner! ;)

So here you go...

Click on it to subscribe. Select your RSS reader and you're done!

If you are using Outlook 2007 as your default RSS Reader, click View Feed XML.

If you are using IE7, click on the toolbar or press ALT-J when you are at

If you using Firefox 3, click on the right of the address bar.

If you don't know what the heck I am talking about RSS Feed, read this simple 101. Still don't know, I can't help, but please make appointment with doctor to have a scan on your head. :p

More to come...


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