Mission really Impossible

It has been quite some time I last visited West Port Klang, roughly I guess almost 9 to 10 years. Last time it used to be the favorite place of mine to run my "businesses" over there. Quiet, dark, sea, breezy etc just a perfect surrounding! >:)

2 days ago, I read an article (if you read Mandarin) on newspaper, and interested to pay a visit for some spy shots on the giant. Apparently if you google on this giant, you can find quite a number of Malaysian blogs that criticize why the G allowed this biggest aircraft carrier to dock at our port since it's heading to the Gulf for war crimes against Iraq and/or Iran. I am not a politician, I just wanted to kill my curiosity how big is the carrier and how grand it looks like. I am peace supporter, but I don't think I am BIG and influential enough to change its destination with my protest or by not taking photos on it.

Just before the sky turned dark, I arrived at this building. I ran up the staircase to reach the public accessible park which provides a view to the port located at the back of the building. I saw an angle of the carrier from far...

Imagine Top Gun's Tom Cruise was playing baseball at the deck... and Tom Yam (me) mopping the deck there (Hot Shots, parody movie of Top Gun). Haha!

I quickly rushed to the back of the building, where if possible, might gain me access closer to the carrier. Though, nothing is impossible in Malaysia, but this time it's really impossible. Sigh~

Luckily I am still able to write this blog at this time, I was trying to trespassed into the West Port building up to the roof or high floor, pretending like a staff who worked there. But... I was stopped by one of the guards. Hihi...

Tom Yam failed on this mission!

The fortunate out of the unfortunate, I met a very nice gentleman, Mr Murali who works there, offered me his email address, and he or the authority will email me when there's such foreign military visit again if it's open for public visit.

Thanks, Murali!


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