CSI: Bandar DiRaja [FILE CLOSED]

After few weeks of long-neck waiting my mystery guest(s), I decided to close this case. You'd know, I am just another typical Malaysian: "No die, no injure, take it easy la". So I am forgetful as like other genuine Malaysian, eventually I think I would forget about my guest(s) soon or later.

But, procedurally, I can't just close the case without any fix. So there you go, another mom's project to seek for replacement cover...

Look at the "before" first...

Solid steel? Mom said no good, 'cause the guest(s) might come again to "clean the drain".

Plastic drain cover from hardware shop? No good and no size. Mom said it might not be strong enough to withstand the weight of fatty piggy like me. Some more the materialistic sister just got her new BIG car, later drop into the hole then mom can't afford to pay her repair.

Cover it up permanently? Cannot. The town council does not allow this.

Then how? Mom has a favorite contractor. No, not all contractors named Ah Beng in Bandar DiRaja. He is Ah Kok. This Ah Kok has been buddy to mom for quite some time, ever since he renovated our house. He is best in my home town, also in Shah Alam and PJ, sometimes in KL. Also, because of a sky-high testimony given by mom, few of my friends asked him for renovation too! Oh well, of course his workmanship is quite (very) satisfactory
la, MOM9001 if not ISO9001 certified. Otherwise, he won't be getting businesses from mom's gang, the ah sohs community too. Most important, he is honest with his quotation.

Finally, after weeks, mom finally can close up her project. The "after" product, the Ah Kok's product...

A closer look.

It's made of cement concrete with solid steel bar as base, just like the big drain cover that the town council uses, it's a mini version.

I tried, I cannot lift it. I doubt the China 1st gold medal winner 陈燮霞 Chen Xie Xia could lift it too. Hehe...

Ah Kok confidently and proudly guarantee it won't crack and drop even with trucks. Well, my family has no truck nor bus. If I am free, I will give angpau to Alam Flora rubbish collecting truck and have them to test it. Hopefully by then it does not crack and drop, else I would be the famous rubbish celebrity here, with a rubbish collecting truck stuck in front of my house.

So now, drain closed. File closed.

Did you realize what did I do in this project? None, except talk cock. As usual as my current job, CONsultant
and don't-care attitude. Haha!

p/s: searching for parang still in progress anyway...


  1. Ps: Forget to inform you.. parang aplenty here. So, if you want, you know where to get ya! :p Don't play play. Land of the Head Hunters you know!

  2. famous duyung garbage collector! not bad :P

  3. can u get one for me? can chk into luggage right? at least 2 ft long one...


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