I Will Follow You

What strikes your mind when you first read the post title? Answer varies... but for Malaysian, perhaps few would be thinking about yellowish. Some may even start singing... I will follow you~ follow you wherever you may go~

yellow? Is this song a yellow song? Let's reveal the truth...

Cool huh??

No, I am not marketing the
yellow man nor am I working for the company, nor am I the yellow man.

I still remember my very first phone was this little phone, back to 1997/8.

yellow though, but blue. It came with a 2 year contract by DiGi. The yellow man wasn't born at that time. Upon the maturity of the contract, I switched over to another service provider. The one and only one reason was that provider was very advanced in technology among other service providers in Malaysia at that time.

On millenium, 1 Jan 2000 12:01am, I regretted. Simply, I was at KL area, SMS could not be sent, call could not be made and received while a bugger friend talking out loud happily beside me, wishing his friends one by one using his

I wanted to switch over but my 012 number has been well "advertised" to auntie(姨)-mom(妈)-auntie(姑)-sister(姐), 3rd(三)-aunt(姑)-6th(六)-grandma(婆) and pig(猪)-friend(朋)-dog(狗)-buddy(友), so it's not a wise decision to do so. I dreamt to have the number
follow me wherever I may go~.

Finally, my dream comes true. The long-neck waiting announcement from the beloved G, the Mobile Number Portability. How many years I've waited? 8 years?! Not bad what, our the then DPM waited 10 years to be back to the House, I am 2 years shorter. Hehe...

Soon I will be able to...
Tak nak! to overpriced services and unattractive package by the provider...

Perhaps I shall pick 916 or 16 Sep 08 to switch over, in conjuction with the possible political cross over. Hehe...

Yellow man, I shall be coming...

Always the smarter choice.


  1. eh, i can arrange to switch for you. i have class mate working in Digi.


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