Copyright Claim

After the copyright incident that I had with NBC, I begun to think about my blog. How do I fight for a claim when someone misuses my photos without my permission? What do I need to show and prove that I am the genuine owner of the photos or something? You'd know, this could be another business opportunity, I could file a court case and earn millions or billions from the case if I'm against a big company or rich bugger. Then I can be full time blogger, talking cock over here anytime anywhere to anyone (sound familiar? Hehe...). Please wish me so my dream may realize. I would consider to share a portion with you if you let me know earlier. Hehe...

I browsed around other blogger's site, I found out that the "standard" way was to paste or write the blog URL onto the photos on one of the edges, like this...

But, I don't like it to be so obvious and harm the focus on the photo. Nay, I don't do hardcore advertising and marketing one :p

So what about this?

Okay, looks better and nicer that the URL "fades or imposes" itself into the photo, doesn't take focus from readers when viewing the photo.

Then, an unusual pulse surged into my neuro system. I was thinking if this could be better option...

Haha! I laughed at myself. Too much. LoL.

"You think you are Tom Cruise
ar??!!" "You think you are David Beckham ar??!!" I questioned myself.

"Tom Yam
lah!" "David HamBurger lah!" The answer.

Big NO NO to do that! I don't want to scare away people and don't want to attract hacker to DOS my site. Further, it does not really help to prove it's me and promote, who knows there's another macho guy looks like me, sounds like me, but it's not me in another corner of the world?

So, which edge is better? I asked myself. Hmmm... The bottom right seems to suit my eyes and the final result...

You can see most photos have been updated with that and still in progress to finish all. It's a tedious process again like the migration I did from my old site, but it may pay off in the future if I ever go into a court case and win millions from it. Hehe...

~~ Day Dreaming ~~


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