Email Subscription, Alternate to RSS

After the RSS, I found myself getting more and more serious into such business. There is an animated layout of RSS subscribe link compared to the static one that I have on the right, it looks like this...

* Blink blink *

Hmmm... but my preference is still the current one after few attempts to add the animated widget, it just couldn't blend into the page.

On the other hand, I believe not many people (at least those I know) is on RSS. Meaning, they don't use any RSS Reader to subscribe to blogs, news, web sites etc. So I tried to look for alternative, perhaps email subscription which is more common than the RSS. And here's the result... or look at your right...

Now anyone can subscribe using email. Any updates will be sent to your email address like any ordinary email. Better huh? One draw back is, if you have many subscriptions on other sites, you drop another email into your inbox.


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